Say Hello To My Little Friend!

There are sexy men in the world. And then there are fucking sexy men. Sergio Moreno is both. At first glance, it might be easy to imagine him saying something cheesy, and in a thick accent, like “Say hello to my little friend!” But a) Sergio is so much more than that and b) you can also imagine him staring at you with the smoldering sensuality born to certain men: the swarthy, the type you want to lick all over, the kind to make you melt from the inside out.

When Sergio came to London to be filmed, it seems he brought the hot, Spanish sun with him from native country. Add to that the mixture of a massive muscular body, amazingly hot tattoos, and rough masculine features and you’ll know this guy is anything but typical. Oh, and with such a beautiful meaty cock, the type to make your mouth water, you already know the blog post title is more tongue in cheek than anything else. Watch him slowly strips before you. He’s truly indescribable; a sight to behold! In short, he’s the kind of man you just have to watch. Enjoy!

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