Yohan Banks Gives It All Away To Antonio Garcia

In business, there’s a fine line between fleecing your customers and giving them a deal without giving away the store. Never is this more apparent than when you’re trying to get quotes from different vendors for work that you need done. In this latest scene from Alphamales, Yohan Banks leans more towards the type of guy who gives his customers a bargain while giving it all away. Okay, so maybe he’s not giving away the shop but he’s certainly giving up his holes for Italian daddy Antonio Garcia to use! Yohan presents an all-inclusive quote and, when Antonio sees the price, he has no choice but to jump at the opportunity right then and there. EVERYTHING is included and Antonio takes full advantage of the offer. Soon Yohan is on his knees liberating Antonio’s pulsating cock from his trousers. Antonio fucks his face, ramming his dick deep down his throat, making Yohan gag and spittle while reaching down to probe the jockstrap clad man with his fingers. Antonio then pulls Yohan up and deep throats his cock before bending him over the armchair and working the beckoning hole with tongue and fingers. Antonio takes the hungry bottom from behind, fucking him while standing, and burying his cock deep. Antonio is a hard, rough fucker and gets off on ruining an asshole. So he pushes Yohan down onto the floor and really goes to town before getting up and stroking his big meat directly over Yohan’s face. Yohan comes first, shooting on his own leg and Antonio follows with a flourish: a huge load that splatters all over Yohan’s face and chest.

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