British Sub Bottom Takes On Hung American Daddy

Scott Hunter is out for a run and, when he comes back home, there’s a hot man waiting for him. It’s an American contractor who’s come to fix a problem with Scott’s door. But it seems to Dirk Caber that there’s a lot more that needs fixing. Like Scott’s hole. While he’s left on the terrace to make his repairs, Scott goes off for a shower and get ready for work. Bearded Dirk can’t resist walking back inside to watch and, after a while, strips down and joins Scott in the shower. There, beneath the spray of the water, the men start to kiss and make out, their cocks incredibly hard. Dirk plays with Scott’s ass, tasting his hole and sucking his dick. Scott enjoys it but the sub bottom prefers to feel that big America meat throbbing in his own mouth. After servicing the hung American Daddy, Scott gets his hole rimmed, fingered and royally fucked. It’s a deep and hard session, with Scott taking every inch of the pulsating shaft. Scott sits on Dirk, riding him until it’s time to shoot his load. Dirk is first to cum, with Scott’s face directly in the firing line. Scott then strokes himself with a masterful flourish that leaves his belly and cock coated in a thick creamy load.

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