Working The Workman

Chris Daniels is at home, naked and enjoying his breakfast, when the buzzer goes off. It’s Justin King, there to survey the terrace and give Chris an estimate on some work he needs done. When the door opens, Justin swallows hard at the sight of the blond bearded hunk. Chris immediately takes note of Justin’s gaze and knows he needs to work the workman if he wants to get a good price. While Justin takes his measurements, he drinks in the sight of the sexy American stroking his big dick still hiding beneath his baggy shorts. But once Justin walks back inside, he falls prey to Chris’s trap.

After kissing and undressing, Justin services the large, uncut cock. Chris returns the favor then pushes Justin onto the cowhide coffee table. There, with his ass up in the air, Justin gets his hairy ass worked over and his hole stuffed full of tongue, fingers, then cock. With a deep, relentless pounding Chris takes the hungry British bottom from behind, then fucks him standing up, every inch of that beautiful cock thrusting in and out of Justin’s hole. When they’re ready to pop, they lay on the sofa, jerking off until they spew and lap up each other’s cum. And that’s how Chris got Justin to give him a steep discount on the job he needed done. All well and good for him but it’s a toss up as to who got the better deal!

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