British Hole Swallows 9.5 Inches Of Thick Latin Meat

This scene documents the first time Scott Hunter came face to face with Lucio Saints and his 9.5-inch monster cock. At this point, Scott was still fairly new but we figured, hey, he’s performed admirably already, why not set him up with this thick-hung, uncut Latino who knows how to claim holes and make them his own? Scott has quickly mastered the art of getting his ass pounded for everyone’s pleasure, including his own, but would he be able to handle Lucio? His eyes lit up when he first caught sight of the slab of beef for the very first time. With little effort, Scott deep throats Lucio after running his tongue up and down the shaft and playing with his balls. Lucio enjoys the view of his shaft being swallowed by a hungry cocksucker but not nearly as much as he gets off on watching it disappear D-E-E-P inside a willing fuckhole. And so, with his sights set on the tiny, pink and puckered starburst that is Scott’s English rose of a hole, Lucio primes the bottom and takes him. Full and deep. And as much as you can possibly prepare anyone for a monster cock like Lucio’s, nothing could have prepared Scott for the incredible pressure of taking that massive meat in one seamless motion. But take it he did, with Scott’s ass swallowing 9.5 inches of thick, prime Latin meat. Like the pro that he is, Scott milked that shaft with his tight ring, enjoying every slamming inch of penetration, despite the grimacing, grunting and groaning. Eventually, Lucio exploded. All over Scott’s face and mouth, leaving the whore completely exhausted and drenched in cum. Hmmm. Sweet!

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