British Power Bottom Scott Hunter Takes On Burly American Top Spencer Reed

Spencer Reed is the workman of choice for Jack Jones. One, because he’s big and beefy. Two, because he truly works his men over. Spencer is enjoying a cup of tea while admiring Scott Hunter’s ass beckoning for any guys who’s man enough to take it. Spencer puts his cup down, gets up, and grabs Scott by the collar. Scott is no match for Spencer as the big, burly American muscle bear pulls him close in one strong movement. But that doesn’t matter to Scott. He enjoys the rough manhandling and loves a big gruff man taking charge. The men kiss then Spencer pushes Scott down. Since Scott loves sucking thick cock, he has no problem with being bossed around. After a while, Spencer decides he wants a taste of some uncut British dick before moving on to the power bottom’s pale English rose of an ass. Spencer licks Scott, lubing him with spit and priming his hole for a good fuck. And when Spencer takes him, it’s to claim Scott’s hole for his own. Spencer gives Scott the fuck of his life and, when he’s ready to come, spurts a hot load over the hungry cocksucker’s face, with some of the jizz falling into his mouth. It’s a load defined as “sweet” by Scott himself. Yummm!

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