Meat Gyro

While on vacation in Greece, we spotted this bearded hunk sunning himself on the rocks. His name is Tom Neris and the hairy, masculine daddy was glistening with sweat when we took note of him. His thick cock lay quietly sleeping across his flat belly. Then he realized he was being watched. That’s when his dick started to twitch, getting bigger, longer, fatter. That juicy piece of meat was like a mouth-watering Greek gyro, juicy and probably full of flavor! While we continued to watch, Tom started to put on a show for us. Naturally, since he was so eager and willing to pull on that beautiful, thick slab of beef, we HAD to pull out the camera and film. Tom went to town, slowly becoming aware that from afar, a couple of guys kept watch as well. As the center of attention, Tom continued to display his cock, obviously hoping for some release of his aching balls. When he did, his load mixed with the sweat pooled on his stomach and now there was only one thing left to do. Jump into the cool sea!

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