An EXCLUSIVE Behind The Scenes Look At The Making Of “Out Of Office”

It’s time to see some hot men in suits…and out of them! Over the next few weeks you’ll get to see Damien Crosse lure co-worker Scott Hunter to his place under the pretense of forgetting some important stuff at the office. What follows is an intense fucks on the kitchen table. You’ll then see Michel Rudin play a prank on Yohan Banks, having discovered his dirty past in porn. Except the tables turn and the prank develops into a full-on fuck in the office. No desks were harmed in this booty banging scene! Meanwhile, in another part of the building, Lee is sent to fix some shelves but the only thing he fixes is his throbbing cock. On a completely different floor, Jake Bolton clumsily knocks a glass of water on his boss, Bruno Fox. Bruno punishes his employee by fucking Jake hard; talk about being between a rock and a hard place! Damien has to go into the office after all, despite Scott bringing him what he needed. Deciding to enjoy a quick pink after work, Damien spots Kayden Grey at the pub and invites him into the toilet where they end up fucking each other’s brains out.

In this first scene, however, we focus on Scott Hunter and Damien Crosse. And if you’ve ever had to bring a sexy co-worker paperwork, or something else while they’re out of the office, this is for you. Enjoy!

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