Lee, The Beefy Daddy Repairman

Late in the evening, after everyone’s gone home and the office is empty, Lee is sent to the reception area to repair some shelving. It’s an easy enough job and the beefy repairman expects to be in and out within 15 minutes. But then he finds a stash of porn mags someone left behind. Perusing the filth, it’s obvious Lee is soon aroused by the trashy rags. To investigate further, the hunky daddy kicks back and goes through each magazine, groping himself until he’s totally hard. Then, slowly unbuttoning his work jumpsuit, Lee shoves his hand into his crotch and whips out a beautiful, big uncut cock that merits a balls deep dick sucking. Only there’s no one around and Lee has to satisfy himself with a good solo session. He pulls his overalls down to his ankles, working his shaft and balls, until his precum is oozing and he shoots a thick load all over himself.

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