Patting The Boss Dry

Jake Bolton has been a bit of a klutz lately, especially around his boss, Bruno Fox. Then again, if Bruno were YOUR boss, you’d probably be knocking things over as well. This time, Jake’s gone too far. He knocks over a glass of water all over his boss. Flustered, he tries to fix his mistake by patting the boss dry. But Bruno’s pants are just too wet. And Bruno is…well…Bruno is massively huge and fully hard beneath those dress slacks! Which begs the question; did Jake spill the water accidentally or on purpose? At first Bruno is upset but he soon gets over it once he pushes the willing cocksucker down onto his knees in order to service his fat piece of meat. Bruno fucks Jake’s face hard and deep, then sucks him a bit before shoving him onto the desk. Lifting his legs high for full access, Bruno rims Jake then fucks him right on his glass desk, still wearing his boxers, before slamming him up against the wall and banging his hole, stuffing him until they both explode. Jake takes Bruno’s load on his face and chest then shoots all over his own furry belly.

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