Geoffrey Paine And Rio Silver Give Joe Gunn A DP

When Rio Silver enters the house in search of help, he calls out but there’s no reply. All is quiet. Or is it? He hears muffled sounds and walks in the dark up to the bedroom. The door is ajar, affording Rio a peek inside. Through the crack he sees two men naked. He watches for a while as Joe Gunn greedily sucks his man, Geoffrey Paine. Horny, Rio makes his move, trying his luck at joining the two men. Joe and Geoffrey welcome Rio, who slides into the middle, taking Joe’s place at Geoffrey’s cock while Joe moves to service the sexy, suave, bearded newcomer. Mutual dick sucking turns into Geoffrey wanting all that meat for himself so he gets the guys to lay balls to balls and he stretches his mouth over both rods. Meanwhile, the guys play with his ass.

Geoffrey straddles his man and feeds him cock again while Rio, left to his own devices at the rear, enjoys a hearty meal consisting of Joe’s cock and Geoffrey’s furry ass. With dicks hard and assholes wet, Rio works his cock inside Geoffrey, fucking him hard, before pulling Joe’s legs up and servicing his hole as well. But Geoffrey knows Joe. He knows one cock isn’t enough to satisfy his man. The guys move to the edge of the bed where Joe sits on Rio’s cock and Geoffrey works his way inside, alongside Rio, for a double penetration that stretches out Joe’s hole. Fucked silly, Joe shoots a massive load on Rio’s chest, rolls over and lets Geoffrey unload an even bigger one on their friend while he watches and jerks himself off.

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