Morning Wood In The Woods

It’s morning in the woods and Scott Hunter is up early, waiting by the fire for his buddy to wake up. Tom Wolfe finally emerges and the first thing he does is take a piss in full view of Scott. Naturally, he gets caught up in staring. And who wouldn’t? Tom is beefy, sexy, and reeks of testosterone. And the expression, “the early bird gets the worm” is obviously true as Scott takes Tom up on his open, unspoken offer. Being a hungry little birdie, Scott is immediately on his knees, with Tom up against the hood of the car. Devouring Tom’s cock, Scott worships the thick piece, giving it the service that’s needed. Tom trades places with Scott for a bit, sucking his cock for a while but they’re soon back in the tent. Scott offers up his sweet hole for Tom to take; first with his tongue and fingers, then with his fat dick. Tom takes Scott from behind and fucks him deep before turning him on his back and ramming his cock in and out until they both cover Scott’s belly with thick loads of fresh hot cum.

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