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Hungry For Beef, Geoffrey Paine And Joe Gunn Skewer Tasty Yohann Banks

What do you do when you’ve just arrived in London and are starving to the point where you’ll eat anything, including fried chicken from a local take-away spot? Well, if you’re Geoffrey Paine, you dial a local, reputable establishment and order beef. After all, if you’re going to eat, might as well sink your teeth into something meaty, big and juicy that you can savor. Together with Joe Gunn, Geoffrey leads the way to Yohann Banks, waiting patiently in his bed with a book for the huge pieces of meat HE is craving. Yohann ends up juicing over both tasty pieces of meat and, since both Geoffrey and Joe are beautifully hung, Yohann definitely enjoys sucking on one, then the other slab of beef before trying to take them both at once. But greedy little piggies end up being skewered, as Yohann quickly learns.

Joe rims Yohann while Yohann chows down on Geoffrey. Then they swap position so each man can marinade the tight pink hole with their spit before skewering, spit-roasting, and tag team fucking one of our favorite masculine bottoms. It’s a good thing Geoffrey and Joe know how to share this buffet that ends up coated with HUGE, very thick and creamy manjuice before finally spewing his own load all over his own sweaty, cum-drenched torso. Take THAT Gordon Ramsey!

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Goofing Off Behind The Scenes With The Men Of Alphamales

We love filming EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes footage for our members. You know why? It shows our men in a different light. It makes them more accessible and more human. As they goof off in front of the camera for our benefit, as well as blowing off some steam of their own, we encounter Joe Gunn and his real-life boyfriend, Geoffrey Paine, who talk about really bad English accents, make fun of strumpets, and even comment on the creative writing process as we show a bit of Yohann Banks getting spit-roasted by well-hung Joe and Geoffrey. Most importantly, though, we find out about blue balls. A true first for some of us here at the studio!

Next up is Dolan Wolf and Tiko. We get pervy and voyeuristic while watching Dolan fresh from the shower. Then we get a glimpse at Marco Sessions and his sometime fuckbuddy Antonio Garcia. The two have played together before so it was a fun, hot scene to film. And trust us when we say that each knew EXACTLY what buttons to push. Marco shares with us the joys of having a “real” job where he gets to dress up and wear specs. But not for long since Antonio is still teaching him how to swallow his enormous cock deep without crying or gagging. He even has some advice on how Marco can make more money with his ass. And with that ass…well, we’ll just keep our mouths shut for now. Finally, we get to see Leo Domenico and Adam Herst. A fun American, Adam has a wicked sense of humour and describes Leo as his very own, personal “Tower of London,” obviously a must see while on your next London sightseeing tour. Which made us really think about Leo’s cock. It really IS kinda big, isn’t it?

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The Italian Lover

Once upon a time there was a big man with a sexy smile. He’d give you one look and your insides would turn to mush. He’d open his mouth to speak and his accent alone would be enough to make you wet. And then he’d give you a backrub with those thick, long fingers. You know, the kind that could grip you tightly and make your pulse quicken. And his cock, that thick, uncut, incredibly fat tool would work it’s way inside you to the point where you felt as if you would surely die. But that’s when he’d kiss you, thrust his tongue inside you. This was a man who had his finger on the pulse of whatever it is that turns men to whores. Even the top ones. But that was the Italian man. Those of us lucky enough to cross paths with him were usually left with nothing more than our explicit, burning memories, spoiled for any other lover once he’d picked up and gone. The Italian lover.

Italians have long since had a reputation for being passionate about life and Antonio Garcia is no exception. From Sardinia, Antonio fits the mold to a “T.” Not only is he all of the above things we mentioned, he’s more. We were first introduced to Antonio by a mutual friend. After a bit of conversation he invited us — specifically Jack, our cameraman — to come visit him at his south London flat. When we arrived, there was Antonio, shirtless, casual in a pair of VERY loose-fitting sweatpants. But when this fit, fantastically hairy sexy beast whipped out his cock, we were gone. Uncut. Thick. With a slight curve. Antonio has 8 inches of prime Italian beef and he had no problem jerking off for the camera. In fact, he seemed to be having so much fun that even Jack couldn’t resist giving Antonio a helping hand as he stroked himself towards a massive climax, unleashing a huge amount of spunk. Of course, we can’t guarantee that every Italian man you’ll meet will be like this Marcello Mastroianni look-alike but it sure as hell will be fine sampling them all!

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The Rim Job

Yohann Banks knows how to work it. Just like he knows how to work his boss. Example, everyone thinks Trojan is someone to be feared because he’s big, hairy, and burly. But when it comes to his staff, no one cares about them more. So perhaps that’s why Yohann’s called in sick? Or could it be because he had Ben Statham in bed with him, working his ass and giving him a good rim job? For those of us who know Yohann, who know how much he enjoys men who make a meal of his ass, well…let’s just say if YOU were getting the type of treatment Yohann was getting, you’d call in sick as well!

There’s a lot of dick sucking in this scene, each hot stud opening his mouth to service bit meat, but it’s all about the ass. Tongue in hole. The rim job. And it is intense! But when all is said and done, get ready for some deep, hard fucking, too! Ben fucks Yohann on his back, then takes him up against the wall as if he were ready to frisk him down. Well, if this is what it’s going to be like, then hell, we’re facing the wall, spreading our own legs and sticking out butts out! With such a hard, rough fuck, Yohann can barely contain himself. He shoots a load with Ben still up his ass, then Ben sprays what can only be called a torrential downpour of cums all over Yohann’s freshly fucked ass.

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