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Gagging And Pounding Dolan Wolf

On another job site Dolan Wolf is enjoying a little me time when hot, Italian Daddy Antonio arrives, turning the “me” into “us.” The man goes straight for Dolan’s mouth and cock and the bearded pup is all too happy to let the top man do what he does best: take charge. After practically ripping off Dolan’s T-shirt off and playing with his nipples, Antonio guides the man’s mouth to his throbbing meat. Dolan likes to be gagged and Antonio likes to gag, so it’s a win-win for both. And who can argue when Dolan’s got every throbbing inch of Antonio’s thick, uncut Italian manmeat jammed down his throat? Antonio reaches for Dolan’s ass while his cock is still deep in his throat. He bends over and licks the hairy hole but before he can impale the man, Dolan turns on his back and Antonio sits on his face to gets his balls serviced. He decides to return the favor, sucking Dolan, then pulling his legs up to free him from the rest of his clothes. Slapping his cock on Dolan’s hole, Antonio then power-drills the hungry cock pig from all angles before pushing him up against the wall and fucking until Dolan shoots a massive load from the power behind the thrusts. Antonio shoots immediately after and showers Dolan’s hairy ass with hot cum. This trashy scene filled with dirty talk is an absolute must see!

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Drilling Justin King

Jessy Ares and Justin King are sent out to fix some plumbing. But as it turns out, the plumbing that needs fixing is theirs! Metaphorically speaking, of course. Justin has his head under the bathroom sink with his meaty ass exposed to Jessy who can barely avoid staring at the mouth watering site. After succumbing to his curiosity and desire to rip Justin’s uniform apart — due to the hole that seems to wink at Jessy — the two get into a hot, steamy mess of making out and clothes flying. Justin’s ass is like a red flag to a bull and it’s all Jessy can think about, literally diving in tongue first. After the two explore each other’s hairy bodies, Justin gets Jessy up against the wall and starts sucking the thick, curved piece. When the heat of his mouth becomes too much, Jessy slams Justin on the bed and returns the favor. But only for a little. Having had a taste of Justin’s beefy globes and musky scent, Jessy goes back for that hairy ass, eats it out like it belongs to him and fucks it like it’s never going to be fucked by anyone else, ever again. And after drilling Justin’s hot ass, Jessy shoots all over Justin before Justin pumps out a massive creamy load of his own.

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Behind The Scenes of Beefy Builders

This week, Alphamales takes you on an EXCLUSIVE tour in this Behind The Scenes look at the making of Beefy Builders. But first, let’s set-up the scenario, shall we? It’s London, and it’s snowing. Again! However, the heat inside — at Trojan’s Toolbox Headquarters — is definitely cranked to boiling! Here’s where we meet sexy hunk/model/pornstar/singer Jessy Ares. Or was that Jesse Ares? We never could get that straight. At any rate, Jessy is quite busy with our old friend Tiko. Who, as it turns out, was an anal virgin; until this scene. That’s right, gents. Tiko has never been fucked before and the lucky S.O.B. to pop his cherry was Jessy. Naturally, Trojan puts in a very brief appearance. We swear this man can smell hunk at 200 paces without ever even looking to see who’s around him. But his appearance is short-lived as he had to dash. We move on to another all-time favorite at the Toolbox, Gio Cruz. He’s been paired up with an old flame of ours, Marcus Troy. The two got along famously, cracking jokes and having some laughs. Definitely a fun day. However, THE most prized and awaited moment was the scene with Jessy and Justin King. These two did more than just hit it off. They were like long-time boyfriends! It seems Jessy is a huge sucker for hairy men and with Justin being so hairy, well, you get the picture. This was about more than big dick, meaty asses and cute faces. This was EXPLOSIVE! In fact, it was so hot that Jessy had to stop mid-fuck to take a breather. And in case you’re wondering, yes. Justin’s ass is THAT hot. KA-BOOOOOM!

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Practical Skills At Play In An Interview

Yohann Banks has taken over interviewing Ken Ten, a new applicant. His directive from Trojan Rock is to find out how good the candidate is in a practical situation. Yohann takes the lead and gives Ken a simple exercise to perform. Except it’s really just an excuse to get his hands on the street lad! Before long, he’s unzipping Ken and pulling his trousers down. Upon revealing the meaty mixed-race cock Yohann drops to his knees and begins to worship: as it should be with a piece like Ken’s. The two then migrate to the sofa where Yohann can keep sucking cock while giving up his ass for Ken to fondle. Ken starts poking around the wet and willing hole before diving for a good tongue fuck. He goes at it, alternating fingers with tongue, until it’s time to push his big fat dick inside Yohann’s tight and hungry hole. They fuck while standing then move back to the sofa where Yohann sits on Ken, fucking himself until he blows his load all the way down his leg. Ken finishes himself off and shoots his load on Yohann’s chest. Yeah. We think Ken’s definitely got the job!

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