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Behind the Scenes – June 2013

Prepare to perv all over Spanish muscle stud Sergio Moreno while he caresses his body, shows off his tattoos and gets a firm grip on his meaty cock. Then watch newcomer Bruno Fox test a bed with hunky Yohann Banks. Later, see Damian Boss and his big cock jump the queue and get into his computer technician’s pants (and deep inside his ass!), Valentin Alsina. You won’t want to miss Italian stallion Antonio Garcia get his full money’s worth as the hot and spicy Daddy fucks the hell out of Yohann Bank’s ass. And if that’s not enough, you will gasp at what is, without a doubt, the biggest cumshot in all Alphamales history that ends Riley Coxx’s encounter with cheeky hairy lad Sam Bishop.

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Jessy Ares Tops Tiko’s Hot And Meaty Ass

Jessy Ares and Tiko

Jessy arrives at the work site with his toolbox and construction vest to find Tiko already waiting, dressed in his blue jumper. The job has been on hold for a few hours already so Jessy figures, what’s an extra half hour? He’s horny as fuck and needs to get off. And with sexy Tiko willing and ready, Jessy walks up to him, pulls him up and they get down to business without a word. As they explore each other, tasting flesh, licking armpits, teasing nipples, both men are soon aroused to where their cocks are rock hard and swinging freely. Surprisingly, Tiko takes the lead, dropping to his knees to taste Jessy’s cock and balls. And what a beautiful set they are, too! But here’s the thing: Jessy loves his balls licked but he also loves sucking cock down to the balls. And with a fine Latin specimen such as Tiko, Jessy gladly returns the favor, satisfying his own oral cravings to have something huge and meaty crammed down his throat.

Being a top, it’s only natural for Jessy to want to thrust his tongue into small, puckered, tight crevices. He moves away from Tiko’s cock and towards his hole, devouring the rarely used delicacy. We figure Jessy must be good at getting Tiko all wet and primed because he decides to let Jessy fuck him, despite the fact that the hung Latino isn’t used to get his hole stretched, stuffed, then pounded. But what a beautiful sight it is to behold, watching Tiko getting fucked! Soon, however, Jessy decides to scratch one more itch. He moves from Tiko to a stepladder where he presents his own ass to Tiko for the stud to do with what he will. Tiko happily drops to his knees again, this time to eat Jessy out, before standing and shoving his meaty shaft inside. Jessy gets fucked till his ass is about to drain Tiko’s balls, leading to a messy unloading of jizz, all over Jessy’s hairy torso. Which makes us wonder, is this why it takes so damn long for construction to be completed?

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Marcus Troy Is Late For Work. Again.

Marcus Troy is late for work, yet again. Lucky for the beefy, bearded hunk, Gio Cruz has brought along with him Marcus’s overalls. After tossing the overalls to Marcus, Gio kicks back and watches Marcus strip out of his regular clothes and into his blue uniform. And suddenly, the otherwise time conscious and customer service oriented workman gets distracted by the meaty globes that are Marcus’s hot, hairy ass. Perfectly showcased within the confines of a jockstrap, Gio has no choice but to go up to Marcus and with one smack on the ass, change the workflow. Instead of their regular assigned job, now Marcus is to give Gio a blowjob. The meaty hunk, knowing what Gio’s got packing, and hungry for big dick, barely even complains before dropping to swallow every inch — that’s right, every inch — of Gio’s humongous, fat, and curved cock. On all fours, Marcus backs up, thus allowing Gio to reach for his ass a bit more. When Marcus flips on his back and gets his throat fucked balls deep, he finds himself delirious in a 69 with his hole getting played with. Soon he presents his ass again to Gio — who is more than happy to lubricate it with his own spit — for pillaging and plundering deep inside Marcus. Gio drills his hole like a battering ram, making sure Marcus knows exactly how Gio got his nickname. Of course, it’s also as a form of punishment since Gio doesn’t like men who arrive late. Only men who cum on time. Strangely, we think Marcus got the point in the end.

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Jessy Ares Jerks Off In The Lockerroom At Work

Ever have such a crappy day that the only thing that will lift your spirits is a good jerk-off session? Very few things can fix a bad day like some good old fashioned masturbation. Especially if it’s in a unique place to get the blood pumping and the testosterone flowing. That’s what happened with Jessy Ares. After a bit of work at The Toolbox that didn’t go quite right, he clocked out and couldn’t wait to get home to jerk off. So Jessy unzips right there in the locker room and goes to town, working his throbbing, curved cock and sticking his meat in the locker and fucking some rough fabric. Jessy likes it hard that way. But after a while, he sits back on the work bench and really starts stroking, eventually stripping down, laying on the bench, and thrusting his throbbing shaft through the wooden slats before turning around and releasing his tension in a copious flow of freshly churned cum. And now that the day is truly over, time to hit the showers and go home.

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