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Yohan Banks Gives It All Away To Antonio Garcia

In business, there’s a fine line between fleecing your customers and giving them a deal without giving away the store. Never is this more apparent than when you’re trying to get quotes from different vendors for work that you need done. In this latest scene from Alphamales, Yohan Banks leans more towards the type of guy who gives his customers a bargain while giving it all away. Okay, so maybe he’s not giving away the shop but he’s certainly giving up his holes for Italian daddy Antonio Garcia to use! Yohan presents an all-inclusive quote and, when Antonio sees the price, he has no choice but to jump at the opportunity right then and there. EVERYTHING is included and Antonio takes full advantage of the offer. Soon Yohan is on his knees liberating Antonio’s pulsating cock from his trousers. Antonio fucks his face, ramming his dick deep down his throat, making Yohan gag and spittle while reaching down to probe the jockstrap clad man with his fingers. Antonio then pulls Yohan up and deep throats his cock before bending him over the armchair and working the beckoning hole with tongue and fingers. Antonio takes the hungry bottom from behind, fucking him while standing, and burying his cock deep. Antonio is a hard, rough fucker and gets off on ruining an asshole. So he pushes Yohan down onto the floor and really goes to town before getting up and stroking his big meat directly over Yohan’s face. Yohan comes first, shooting on his own leg and Antonio follows with a flourish: a huge load that splatters all over Yohan’s face and chest.

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All Alone With The Office Serviceman

How often hasn this happened to you? You’re all alone at the office and a hot serviceman turns up on the one day you really didn’t want to be there. Kinda makes what you previously thought was ill-spent time into something magical, doesn’t it? Okay, so even if it didn’t turn out the way it does for Sam Bishop, in this scene from Alphamales, the visit from the hunky repairman still left you with some smoking hot fantasies, didn’t it? Bet you were probably hard and had to rushing off to the men’s room to stroke out a quick one, didn’t you? Tsk, tsk. Jerking off on company time.

You might not be so lucky, or maybe you were — we don’t know — but Sam sure is the moment hunky Riley Coxx shows up. Sam is all alone and the office is empty so he takes the opportunity and all but jumps on Riley’s bone. Errrmmm. Boner. Riley welcomes the attention as Sam unzips his pants and whips his dick out for a wet, hungry blowjob. Can’t say we blame Sam for making a beeline for those hot, hard and throbbing 7-inches Riley has to offer. But then it’s Riley’s turn. He returns the favor and quickly finds himself with his face and tongue buried deep in Sam’s hairy ass. Priming and rimming the bottom for a fuck, Riley takes charge, working his slightly upwardly curved cock into the moaning greedy Sam who enjoys a deep hard fuck before getting his entire backside saturated with a load of cum that can only be described as spectacular! If only they gave out gold medals for this kind of orgasm.

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Say Hello To My Little Friend!

There are sexy men in the world. And then there are fucking sexy men. Sergio Moreno is both. At first glance, it might be easy to imagine him saying something cheesy, and in a thick accent, like “Say hello to my little friend!” But a) Sergio is so much more than that and b) you can also imagine him staring at you with the smoldering sensuality born to certain men: the swarthy, the type you want to lick all over, the kind to make you melt from the inside out.

When Sergio came to London to be filmed, it seems he brought the hot, Spanish sun with him from native country. Add to that the mixture of a massive muscular body, amazingly hot tattoos, and rough masculine features and you’ll know this guy is anything but typical. Oh, and with such a beautiful meaty cock, the type to make your mouth water, you already know the blog post title is more tongue in cheek than anything else. Watch him slowly strips before you. He’s truly indescribable; a sight to behold! In short, he’s the kind of man you just have to watch. Enjoy!

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Bruno Fox And Yohan Banks Fix A Broken Sofa Bed

When the sun is out in London there is no way anybody wants to do any work, unless they really have to. Or if your boss screams at you. So Bruno and Yohan are banished from the sunny terrace and sent inside to mend Trojan’s sofa bed. What’s the best way to find out what’s wrong with something? Try it! The boys soon roll onto it and get busy…tops come off and cocks go up. First to get up is Bruno and stands up to feed his cock to Yohan, then the boys get completely naked and Bruno face fucks him a bit more before working his way down Yohan tasting all the way to his cock. He sucks it like his life depended on it. Bruno then pulls Yohan up and pushes him down so he can get to his meaty ass. He licks it and fingers it before pushing his thick cock inside in one smooth movement. Yohan first gets fucked hard on all fours then he is pushed up and fucked again bent over the side until Bruno shoots a thick load on his ass. The boys fall back on the bed and Bruno wanks him till he covers his cock and balls in his creamy white stuff.

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Damian Boss Shows Valentin Alsina His Hard Drive

What do you do when your computer doesn’t want to start? Naturally, you call in the closest, hottest computer technician available and get him over quick! When Valentin Alsina turns up and tells Damian Boss that he has to take the computer away, Damian reacts differently from most. Instead of panic or throwing a temper tantrum, Damian goes for the goods. He places a hand on the man’s meaty ass and Valentin is quick to react by offering up his mouth. They kiss, exploring each other, then Valentin reaches for Damian’s cock. After stroking it, Valentin kneels and starts sucking on the man’s big piece of meat. Damian returns the favor after a while before bending Valentin over the shredder and eating his hole. But once he’s got that throbbing shaft buried deep inside, Damian shows Valentin his hard drive, pumping and pounding before leaving Valentin free to fuck himself, working his cock until they’re both ready to shoot. Damian unloads on Valentin’s face then stands up, wanks himself off and shoots on Damian’s cock.

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