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British Hole Swallows 9.5 Inches Of Thick Latin Meat

This scene documents the first time Scott Hunter came face to face with Lucio Saints and his 9.5-inch monster cock. At this point, Scott was still fairly new but we figured, hey, he’s performed admirably already, why not set him up with this thick-hung, uncut Latino who knows how to claim holes and make them his own? Scott has quickly mastered the art of getting his ass pounded for everyone’s pleasure, including his own, but would he be able to handle Lucio? His eyes lit up when he first caught sight of the slab of beef for the very first time. With little effort, Scott deep throats Lucio after running his tongue up and down the shaft and playing with his balls. Lucio enjoys the view of his shaft being swallowed by a hungry cocksucker but not nearly as much as he gets off on watching it disappear D-E-E-P inside a willing fuckhole. And so, with his sights set on the tiny, pink and puckered starburst that is Scott’s English rose of a hole, Lucio primes the bottom and takes him. Full and deep. And as much as you can possibly prepare anyone for a monster cock like Lucio’s, nothing could have prepared Scott for the incredible pressure of taking that massive meat in one seamless motion. But take it he did, with Scott’s ass swallowing 9.5 inches of thick, prime Latin meat. Like the pro that he is, Scott milked that shaft with his tight ring, enjoying every slamming inch of penetration, despite the grimacing, grunting and groaning. Eventually, Lucio exploded. All over Scott’s face and mouth, leaving the whore completely exhausted and drenched in cum. Hmmm. Sweet!

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Young Lucio Saints Skewered And Spit Roasted In HD!

A new classic for you in HD! Heavily tattooed Fabio Costa and handsome Lucio Saints trek through the Spanish countryside. When they stumble on Maikel Cash, they catching him unaware and swimming naked. Naturally, the two hot Spaniards HAVE  to take a dip with this beauty! Soon dicks are rock hard solid and ready to be thrust down throats, each man willing to take as much meat as possible into their hungry mouths! We thought it would be great to show you a classic with horse-hung Lucio going bottom for two amazing studs. Just imagine watching the world-class pornstar Lucio’s become and bragging to your friends, back in the day, oh yeah, I tapped that ass…Lucio takes a monster facial plus a huge cumblast over his ass before getting wanked off and shooting his own gusher across his chest.

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British Power Bottom Scott Hunter Takes On Burly American Top Spencer Reed

Spencer Reed is the workman of choice for Jack Jones. One, because he’s big and beefy. Two, because he truly works his men over. Spencer is enjoying a cup of tea while admiring Scott Hunter’s ass beckoning for any guys who’s man enough to take it. Spencer puts his cup down, gets up, and grabs Scott by the collar. Scott is no match for Spencer as the big, burly American muscle bear pulls him close in one strong movement. But that doesn’t matter to Scott. He enjoys the rough manhandling and loves a big gruff man taking charge. The men kiss then Spencer pushes Scott down. Since Scott loves sucking thick cock, he has no problem with being bossed around. After a while, Spencer decides he wants a taste of some uncut British dick before moving on to the power bottom’s pale English rose of an ass. Spencer licks Scott, lubing him with spit and priming his hole for a good fuck. And when Spencer takes him, it’s to claim Scott’s hole for his own. Spencer gives Scott the fuck of his life and, when he’s ready to come, spurts a hot load over the hungry cocksucker’s face, with some of the jizz falling into his mouth. It’s a load defined as “sweet” by Scott himself. Yummm!

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Meat Gyro

While on vacation in Greece, we spotted this bearded hunk sunning himself on the rocks. His name is Tom Neris and the hairy, masculine daddy was glistening with sweat when we took note of him. His thick cock lay quietly sleeping across his flat belly. Then he realized he was being watched. That’s when his dick started to twitch, getting bigger, longer, fatter. That juicy piece of meat was like a mouth-watering Greek gyro, juicy and probably full of flavor! While we continued to watch, Tom started to put on a show for us. Naturally, since he was so eager and willing to pull on that beautiful, thick slab of beef, we HAD to pull out the camera and film. Tom went to town, slowly becoming aware that from afar, a couple of guys kept watch as well. As the center of attention, Tom continued to display his cock, obviously hoping for some release of his aching balls. When he did, his load mixed with the sweat pooled on his stomach and now there was only one thing left to do. Jump into the cool sea!

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Dean Monroe Handles A Monster Cock With A Big Load Delivery

Dean Monroe is anxiously awaiting a home delivery while obsessing over his sexual desire. When Lucio Saints shows up with his loaded up trolly, Dean discovers the lift is broken. Lucio has walked up 19 flights of stairs! Dean feels sorry the man’s had to climb all that way so he offers him a seat and a drink. Unable to resist, Dean places a hand on Lucio’s leg, all under the pretense of complimenting on his strength and willingness to go the extra mile in delivering his packages. But Lucio is quick to see an opportunity and takes it. He grabs Dean’s hand and moves it up to his cock. Dean soon finds himself massaging the deliveryman’s crotch. Lucio unzips and reveals a massive monster cock. Unable to believe his luck, Dean gets to work. He tries to take it all but he can’t. Lucio’s cock is simply too big! He kneels in front of Lucio in order to suck on the man’s big, heavy balls. Dean then stands and offers his own cock to be sucked. Lucio accepts the offer but, at the same time, works his hands over Dean’s ass to play with his hole. Dean isn’t surprised when he’s bent over the sofa with Lucio playing with and spreading him open using tongue, fingers and, eventually, his cock. The engorged meat pushes against his tight puckered entrance and it…goes…in. DEEP! Lucio fucks Dean hard, taking him from behind, then has the cock hungry bottom ride his monster pole. Dean impales himself on the huge slab of meat, riding Lucio until he fucks the cum out of himself. Then Lucio makes his last delivery; a thick and creamy load all over Dean’s balls and cock. Betcha UPS or Fedex don’t deliver like that!

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