Hairy, Humpy, Hunk Tom Wolfe

Nothing feels as good as an afternoon shower, especially coming in out of a freezing cold day. But, hey, even when it’s warm out, the hot water washing away the tiredness, lather mixing with your chest hair, your hand sliding up and down your body…well, you know how you get. It’s all very arousing, isn’t it? And what’s better than following that hot shower than with a hot stroke session? Tom Wolfe’s muscular, hairy body is now dry and he’s back on his bed. He lays down only to pick up where he left off in the shower. His hand runs up and down his chest, pulling on the hair covering it, his cock stiff in the other one. Tom plays with his entire body, lost in his own touch, squeezing his fat, throbbing shaft with both his hands till the urge to explode takes over. He straddles the pillow, surely imagining — wishing — there was a man beneath him, ready and waiting for Tom to deliver his sweet load.

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