Guarding The Family Jewels

Big and beefy muscleman Randy Jones is back, this time as a police guard hired to protect extremely valuable museum artifacts. Working with Randy is trim and sexy Issac Jones. But the fellow policeman can’t keep his mind on the job, wanting to protect a valuable item of a different sort: family jewels. Specifically, Randy’s family jewels. And Randy, it seems, wants Issac to do the same. Forgetting about their mutual job, the men get into a bit of roleplay, with Issac as the submissive, licking Randy’s boots and following his every command to the best of his ability…and then some! First, Issac gets down on his knees, taking the large, curved, uncut tool down his throat. Then, with Randy on his back, legs up in the air, Issac buries his face on the man’s hot and meaty ass, his tongue thrusting deep into the tightly puckered, rarely used manhole. And for those of you who enjoy analingus, we’ve got some tight close-ups, so feel free to drool. Issac’s own ass demands some attention and Randy is keen to return the favor, priming and spitting and fingering the hungry hole before sliding home, balls deep. Isaac’s tanned and toned body tightens as Randy pushes down and take him for a ride before flipping him about, letting us see his hot chest and abs and that beautiful dick explode with cum!

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