Caught With His Fingers In The Till, Seth Knight Gets Fingered By Dean Monroe

Seth Knight is caught red-handed by Dean Monroe! With his fingers in the till, handsome, toned Seth must now appease his captor, dark-haired Dean. Scared to lose his job, Seth strips naked, drops to his knees and gets face fucked by the hung stud. But it’s nothing he hasn’t wanted or fantasized about, so it’s all good. Both have smooth bodies, defined torsos, and are incredibly fucking hot as they rub against each other with proud dicks standing at attention. Seth’s hungry ass is wet from the anticipation of Dean slamming his entire dick deep. Dean’s perfectly smooth body flexing and tightening as he thrusts into the yelping Seth will get you truly hard, if you’re not there already. And when the close-ups of the fucking begin, you’ll be sure to pop, but hold on tight. Don’t cum yet because Seth’s gonna get his own back and get Dean taking his cock until they BOTH bust, with Seth exploding all over Dean’s stubbled face!

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