Dolan Wolf Dreams Up Bruno Fox

This week, Alphamales starts you off with hairy muscle man Dolan Wolf. Though he enjoys letting out his inner top from time to time, what Dolan truly enjoys is being bottom. Especially when he’s on his own, playing with his stiff dick and stroking his lubed up cock. He shoves it towards the camera so we can drink in the sight of the throbbing shaft as it pulses harder and harder. As he rubs his hand through his fur, you’ll notice how his pale skin contrasts with the dark hair sprouting from his chest and abs. Since he’s got a hungry hole — and it’s insatiable! — Dolan grabs a nearby sex toy, pulling it closer and closer until it’s slamming against his ass. The dildo is incredibly F-A-T but Dolan’s hairy hole takes it all in quite easily. As he works himself up, in preparation for hunky Bruno Fox to come and take control, we get to see just how much Dolan can handle. Working the dildo deeper into his fellow man, pulling it back and forth, Bruno gives Dolan’s ass a workout the likes of which we’ve not seen before at Alphamales! Getting more turned on, nothing can hide the growing bulge in Bruno’s pants. Dolan doesn’t miss a beat, devouring the thick dark meat down to the balls. If cock sucking were an Olypic sport, our bearded bottom stud could definitely suck for England! But it’s not just his mouth that gets filled. Bruno lifts his hairy legs into the air and rams his exposed hole hard, his thick dick slamming harder and deeper than any dildo ever could, working up a hot sweat beading between Bruno’s hard tense pecs, cementing power top and power bottom like nothing else can. Catch them both, EXCLUSIVELY on Alphamales!

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