Paddy O’Brian Gives Tate Ryder What He Likes Best

This week, AlphaMales presents Tate Ryder, freshly arrived from Australia and back in the UK, along with Paddy O’Brian, who obviously enjoys shoving that straight big cock up a gay man’s hole and making him squirm. Tate couldn’t keep his hands of the sexy, hairy, hung Paddy — both on and off camera — and frankly we can’t blame him. The blue-eyed Aussie is both playful and provocative with our Cockney superstar and the chemistry is truly there between these two. Tate pushes his playmate, trying to steal the limelight, but Paddy knows what guys like Tate enjoy. He knows what Tate likes best. Paddy swiftly takes back control, placing Tate’s hot and eager butt centre-stage, lapped up and hungry for that now-famous dick! This soon shuts up Tate long enough for Paddy to slide deep inside and Tate is back, yelping and yelling as his own famous hole gets a rough and ready seeing to.

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