Dolan Wolf Continues to Get Spit Roasted and Tag Team Fucked By Bruno Fox and Rich Kelly

Even after a couple of scenes together, the fun doesn’t stop for Dolan Wolf, Bruno Fox, and Rich Kelly. If anything, in Part 2 of their sexual adventure, they get even more intense! So sit back with Alphamales this week, whip out your dick, and start stroking as you watch hairy masculine bottom Dolan, subjected to further fucking. We’re not taking about getting spit roasted or tag team fucked, though he certainly gets his share of that. No longer content with swapping over to have a go on his now juicy ass, Rich and Bruno simply get efficient and pin Dolan between them. We’re talking about a double penetration. That’s right, Dolan gets his hungry hole stretched out big time with two huge, fat cocks at the same time. With both thick shafts sliding in and out of him, we get the best angle possible to view his double penetration! The three men build up a sweat, filling the room with man scent as they move into a fierce daisy-chain of a fuck sandwich. Rich gets the pleasure of being piggy in the middle as Bruno fucks him and Dolan, in turn, is fucked by Rich. It’s a complete cum-fest soon after as the men kneel on either side of Dolan and shoot their loads all over a well-fucked and spent Dolan, who mops up the spunk and continues to wank himself to full ejaculation. Frankly, when you think of how much meat was crammed inside Dolan, pumping hard, you’ll be blowing your own load, too!

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