Dolan Wolf’s Day Gets Better When Bruno Fox and Rich Kelly Step Into The Picture

Some guys have all the luck. Take Dolan Wolf, for example. He’s mid-fuck, getting his hole stretched out by Bruno Fox and his mouth-wateringly fat cock. Enter bearded beauty, Rich Kelly and…BINGO!…the day has just gotten even better for bottom hunk Dolan. All three sport hot checked shirts and jock straps — a bit of a throwback to the ’70s — with one major difference. Okay, maybe not so different as these three men, like the counterparts from decades prior, can’t seem to get enough dick OR ass. Lucky for Dolan, his is the only ass up to be offered! Sucking each other in a triangle of oral action — some of you may know it as a daisychain — both top fuckers soon get a go on Dolan, spit-roasting the man in turn. Dolan’s hairy ass gets a real workout from both hung fuckers. Holding Dolan’s ass wide, Bruno takes some awesome, deep lunges, thrusting in and pulling out all the way, showing us Dolan’s puckering gaping hole, ready for the next deep plunge as both tops kiss over their trophy fuck. Join Dolan, Bruno and Rich, EXCLUSIVELY on!

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