Dolan Wolf Plays With His Own Gaping Hole

In previous Alphamales episodes you got off on bearded hunk Dolan Wolf as power bottom for Bruno Fox and Rich Kelly. Dolan had one hell of an session fucked by one giant dick, then the other, to having both inside him at once and the most intense double penetration he’s every experienced! The men left him coated in cum but, since Dolan is never complete or happy unless his ass is stuffed full of cock, he still had a raging hard on. What’s a hairy hunk to do but sniff the jocks and shirts they left behind? Remembering in vivid detail what they’ve just been up to, and playing with his still gaping ass — just for us to enjoy — Dolan demonstrates just how stretched out he was, playing with his own gaping hole as he finishes off to an explosive orgasm!

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