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More Spit Roasting And Tag Team Fucking For Cock Whore Hans Berlin

When we last caught up with cock whore Hans Berlin, Geoffrey Paine and Joe Gunn were busy stuffing him full of meat. Once Joe shot his load, he left Geoffrey alone to continue fucking Hans. Now, the slamming continues and the noise has filtered up to Tom Wolfe’s room. Curious, the man gets out of bed and heads down the stairs, stopping to watch the last few minutes of Joe pounding hole and spraying his load all over Hans’s shoulders. Geoffrey is still fucking Hans and Tom starts wanking in the dark corner of the steps. When Hans sees him, the manslut invites the hairy hunk to join the party. Tom walks over and jumps on the sofa, filling Hans’s mouth full of meat while watching Geoffrey drill his ass. After a while, the three move to the other end of the sofa where Hans sits on Tom’s cock and rides him. Geoffrey moves off to the side, alternating his cock between the two hungry mouths. Hans jumps up and down on the hard shaft until Geoffrey pulls away and pushes him back on the sofa, where he fucks the cum right out of him before adding a second load all over his body and right up to his face. Slumped with exhaustion, Geoffrey leaves Tom to add his own load to Hans’s already cum-drenched body.

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Bruno Knight Pounds Bent Copper Ben Brown

Ben Brown is on a case and in search of some filthy fucking. His investigation takes him to hairy hunk Bruno Knight, a tattooed fucker who gives it to the bent copper hard and fast. Shoving each other against the walls and onto the floor, you’d swear this is a couple of rough animals and not men; which is JUST the way we like our studs! The aggressive duo spit, lick and suck every inch of their hairy bodies, AND orifice. They rub each other hard as they get drenched in spit, working hot and begging butts. Bruno gets his tongue into Ben as deep as possible, ready to fuck the copper. At first he gives it to him easy but the aggression is soon back, and with a vengeance. Ben is subjected to an incredibly hard pounding and a deep dicking. With a great view looking up, between their legs, we can almost reach out and feel Bruno’s slick dick sliding incessantly into Ben, his own rock hard dick standing at attention and begging for action as well. Invited to the floor, Bruno exacts his revenge on the copper, shooting wads of spunk over him and soaking Ben in an amazing fountain of man spunk before taking his load on the face and down his hungry throat.

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Berlin Spit-Roasted By Gunn and Paine

Joe Gunn leads Hans Berlin to the sitting room. As planned, the two jump on each other as soon as they hit the couch. Joe quickly takes Hans’s cock out then leans over to suck him off while playing with his hole. Hungry for everything Joe has to give, Hans spreads his legs and lets the man fingers him before kneeling and working on Joe’s rod like the cock whore that he is. He wants to make sure Joe is fully hard in order to fill and ram his ass. Since Joe knows that’s what Hans is waiting for, he pushes the manslut over the arm rest and starts rimming his ass to loosen him up. While Joe is on the floor, his face buried in Hans’s ass crack, Geoffrey Paine walks in. With a sight like that there’s no way he can resist joining the party. He takes his cock out and fills Hans’s mouth, muffling his moans when Joe shoves his cock in his hole, fucking him hard. Sandwiched between the two hot and horny hunks, all Hans can do is let the men continue to spit roast and tag team fuck him. They turn him around and Geoffrey fills his ass again while Joe uses his mouth. Ass and mouth are always full as Hans services the men with his holes. Joe cums all over Hans’s shoulder and collapses down onto the sofa, leaving his man Geoffrey to continue fucking Hans.

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Guarding The Family Jewels

Big and beefy muscleman Randy Jones is back, this time as a police guard hired to protect extremely valuable museum artifacts. Working with Randy is trim and sexy Issac Jones. But the fellow policeman can’t keep his mind on the job, wanting to protect a valuable item of a different sort: family jewels. Specifically, Randy’s family jewels. And Randy, it seems, wants Issac to do the same. Forgetting about their mutual job, the men get into a bit of roleplay, with Issac as the submissive, licking Randy’s boots and following his every command to the best of his ability…and then some! First, Issac gets down on his knees, taking the large, curved, uncut tool down his throat. Then, with Randy on his back, legs up in the air, Issac buries his face on the man’s hot and meaty ass, his tongue thrusting deep into the tightly puckered, rarely used manhole. And for those of you who enjoy analingus, we’ve got some tight close-ups, so feel free to drool. Issac’s own ass demands some attention and Randy is keen to return the favor, priming and spitting and fingering the hungry hole before sliding home, balls deep. Isaac’s tanned and toned body tightens as Randy pushes down and take him for a ride before flipping him about, letting us see his hot chest and abs and that beautiful dick explode with cum!

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