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Scott Hunter Rims Straight Hairy Hole

As he continues his search for the hottest, sexiest pornstars in the land, Paddy O’Brian ploughs his huge thick dick inside Scott Hunter, a strong Alphamale who likes it rough and deep. The power bottom stud thinks with his arse and gives it exactly what it wants: straight cock. BIG cock. Paddy’s cock. With his super thick piece, muscles, and hairy chest, Paddy’s got the bad lad attitude that only someone Scott can handle. And goodness knows Paddy’s got plenty to give! So, if you like seeing big straight guys fuck, this is one hell of a ride. Beefed up Scott, with bulging veins and tight muscles, spreads his legs wide as brute Paddy gives his hungry ass a very huge punishment. Can Scott handle the onslaught? Can you? Come find out!

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JP Dubois Fully Cocked By Paddy O’Brian

Paddy O’Brian, everyone’s favourite straight lad — and why wouldn’t he be? — finally goes gay! With a great Cockney accent, hairy chest, and muscles, there isn’t a single gay man who wouldn’t want this handsome top fucker in their bed. Did we mention he’s got a big, fat cock? Yeah, we thought that might get your attention. Paddy’s not only handsome and hot, he’s fantastically hung with big balls and a hairy hole — he loves getting rimmed — and the reminder of what YOU can’t have. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have his cock! In fact, for this first installment, this dreamy man gets a good eyeful of JP Dubois, telling him to strip, tugging on his balls and slapping his arse. Using JP, these two get into all sorts of mischief, leading to the golden treasure that is Paddy himself, stripped naked, rock solid and ready to go…straight to JP’s peachy rear! Inspecting his willing bottom boy, Paddy experiences JP’s cocksucking skills with an intense face-fucking that leaves JP gagging and dribbling saliva. The dick hungry twink is put to better use when Paddy flips over to get his straight, hairy man crack devoured while jerking off over a nicely placed glass desk. But JP can’t wait much longer and gets what he’s been waiting for, Paddy O’Brian fucking his arse! And what a pleasure to see this hung muscle stud ramming JP with that fat dick. Even JP — experienced pornstar that he is — struggles to hide his excitement and sheer ecstasy as he’s manhandled. His poor hole has never been so well used and the massive load that’s dumped on his face at the end will stay with you for a very long time to come. It seems to never end, and that’s how we like our men, our cock, our cum!

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Scott Hunter On Mission To Get Stuffed And Pounded By Issac Jones

If you’ve ever been insatiably hungry for cock…if you’ve ever felt that odd itch, deep inside that you just can’t seem to satisfy…if you’ve ever seen a hot man and known you won’t be happy until you have his cock balls deep inside you, you’ll understand exactly what Scott Hunter is going through in this scene with Issac Jones. The most upfront and eager Power Bottom in the land, Scott has set his sights on French stud Issac. Having a quick pint in the Eagle, Scott takes his chance, sure of the outcome. In the blink of an eye, Scott let’s Issac know he’s available for the taking – literally! Stripping off in the hot sticky bar, the muscled pair suck cock, with Scott worshipping Issac’s famous dick. Issac is soon eating out Scott, spreading his honed arse cheeks apart and getting his tongue deep inside. Nowhere is sacred, and Scott is spread over the pool-table and fucked solid, giving this proud cock whore a run for his money. Definitely a man on a mission to get stuffed and pouned! The best facial cumshot we’ve seen in ages takes place, showering Scott’s hungry face in wads of pure white spunk, leaving him to join in the cumfest as he shoots over his own hairy abs.

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Council Estates Sex Addicts Issac Jones and Jake Reed Flip Fuck

Issac Jones, one of the most beautiful men ever seen on film, is extremely. So horny, in fact that he decides to play a dangerous game of cruising the council estates in search of some straight dick. Spying a hot fucker walk past, giving off all the right signs for our handsome man, Issac follows Jake Reed upstairs. Aware he’s been followed, Jake awaits, shirtless and with his dick out. And what a beautify of a dick it is! Massive, hard, and waiting to slide down a hungry throat, Jake is soon fucked Issac’s throat. Both guys have amazing bodies. While Issac has dark hair, dark eyes, hot stubble and a ripped torso covered in awesome tribal tattoos, Jake is smooth and toned with washboard abs and pecs you just want to bite. And did we mention they’ve got two of the most gorgeous dicks we’ve ever seen? Trust us. You’ll want these inside your hungry holes! The scene will drive you insane and your screen will probably be foggy with steam as these hot fuckers get down and dirty with each another. Issac sticks his tongue deep into Jake’s squatting hole and the sight is pure heaven. As Issac proceeds to fuck, his already buff body working up a sweat as his twists and pounds, both musclebound studs get hotter, hornier and sweatier. In the end, they’re completely covered in sweat and spunk, breathless from the intense orgasms had all around and no doubt, you will be, too! Oh, and from what we’ve heard, lately Jake is now no longer straight. Or should we say, now that Issac’s opened his ass up to new experiences, the hung fucker cruises around from time to time in search of other straight men to debauch and deprave.

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Caught With His Fingers In The Till, Seth Knight Gets Fingered By Dean Monroe

Seth Knight is caught red-handed by Dean Monroe! With his fingers in the till, handsome, toned Seth must now appease his captor, dark-haired Dean. Scared to lose his job, Seth strips naked, drops to his knees and gets face fucked by the hung stud. But it’s nothing he hasn’t wanted or fantasized about, so it’s all good. Both have smooth bodies, defined torsos, and are incredibly fucking hot as they rub against each other with proud dicks standing at attention. Seth’s hungry ass is wet from the anticipation of Dean slamming his entire dick deep. Dean’s perfectly smooth body flexing and tightening as he thrusts into the yelping Seth will get you truly hard, if you’re not there already. And when the close-ups of the fucking begin, you’ll be sure to pop, but hold on tight. Don’t cum yet because Seth’s gonna get his own back and get Dean taking his cock until they BOTH bust, with Seth exploding all over Dean’s stubbled face!

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