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American Pornster Rich Kelly Takes Dolan Wolf For A Ride

The first duo going “Balls Deep” this week on Alphamales is American Pornster Rich Kelly and British power bottom Dolan Wolf. Rich, with his full beard and furry chest, is the perfect top to work Dolan’s ass. And since Dolan could never resist a hairy top fucker with a big dick, he opens the scene slurping on Rich’s fully erect slab of meat. With his head pushed down into Rich’s lap, Dolan nearly loses his breath from the hard and fast throat fucking. But he keeps on going back for more, just as we all know he would. Let’s face it, so would you! Flipping his man around, Rich takes his pleasure on Dolan’s hairy fuzzy ass, spitting and licking his puckering hole, priming it for the firm fucking he’s about to give! Dolan’s face is a picture of hunger as Rich’s beard tickles that ass, then flips him once more, before getting penetrated — balls deep — right there on the sofa. Rich works up a slippery sweat over his conquest as both hairy hunks build to a cum-soaked finale. Dolan wanks off until he shoots and Rich completes the climax with his own load splattering Dolan’s furry ass.

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Balls Deep: Behind the Scenes

Coming up on Alphamales is “Balls Deep!” We’re very excited about the feature but, before we actually play the scenes for you, we thought we’d tease you with an EXCLUSIVE Behind The Scenes look at the hunk-filled movie. The movie has it all! Hot guys with bulging muscles, throbbing cocks, and a voracious appetite to fuck. So, what are you waiting for? Come take a glimpse of what the men are like behind the camera. The kind of horny guys you expect would love slamming a tight hole, “Balls Deep!”

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French Stud Tony Axel Gets More Cock Than He Bargained For

With perfect timing, the second of Tony Axel’s fuck buddies arrives whilst Tony and Geoffrey Paine are still on the bed, covered in spunk! Geoff, although needing to head off, stays for a few minutes watching as Tony drops to his knees and works on Joe Gunn’s growing dick, face fucked by this mustachioed, tattooed hunk. Unable to resist, Geoff gets a second, parting blowjob as Joe gets to work on Tony’s butt, eating the sloppy seconds with an insatiable appetite! Feeding on 2 dicks at once, this French stud gets more meat than he bargained for as Joe and Geoff make out, their throbbing shafts worshiped by the beauty at the end of the bed, his ass raised for our sole pleasure. Tony just loves showing us his pink hole, always hungry for dick! With Geoff making a swift exit, I guess time isn’t on his side, but Joe has all the time in the world and Tony makes the most of it. Still hard at it in the bedroom, we re-enter and Tony’s ass is up, as usual, fucked by Joe’s tongue and fingers as he’s throat fucked. With Joe just as eager as Geoff to fuck this bottom boy, Tony’s ass is licked until it’s slick with spit. Joe slides home, fucking his playmate and giving his second dick of the day. He makes Tony cry out in the best kind of pleasure imaginable, with Joe fucking straight down into him as cameraman Jack gets close to show us what we want to see. Moaning and groaning in response to his powerful thrusts, Tony loves every second. Both men work themselves to a hot creamy orgasm, with Joe splattering Tony’s face, neck and chest, before returning the favour, leaving Joe dripping with spunk too!

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Dolan Wolf Plays With His Own Gaping Hole

In previous Alphamales episodes you got off on bearded hunk Dolan Wolf as power bottom for Bruno Fox and Rich Kelly. Dolan had one hell of an session fucked by one giant dick, then the other, to having both inside him at once and the most intense double penetration he’s every experienced! The men left him coated in cum but, since Dolan is never complete or happy unless his ass is stuffed full of cock, he still had a raging hard on. What’s a hairy hunk to do but sniff the jocks and shirts they left behind? Remembering in vivid detail what they’ve just been up to, and playing with his still gaping ass — just for us to enjoy — Dolan demonstrates just how stretched out he was, playing with his own gaping hole as he finishes off to an explosive orgasm!

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Mobile App Hook-Up

With the advent of technology, smart phones enable today’s modern man with access to sex at any given day, at any point in time. We’ve proven this before but, this week, Alphamales is out to prove it once more. After all, what’s hotter than hooking up online? A mobile app hook-up! Fit young men Dominic Pacifico and Sam Barclay get together and Dominic has brought his friend Jack along for the ride for some sneaky filming. Little does Sam know what’s gonna happen! After some quick words from his new found fuck buddy from the States, Sam, horny as ever, agrees to be filmed and the fun begins. Stripped in a flash, bearded Sam and Dom dive straight into throat fucking, their dicks pointing straight up and eager to be covered by juicy lips as they quiver in anticipation of some hardcore anal probing. Don’t miss the great ball sucking, ball-play action between these two hot fuckers as Sam tries to take both Dominic’s heavy nuts into his sweet and pretty mouth! The question of who’s going to fuck who is soon answered when Dominic goes to town on Sam’s hot butt, letting us in on the action as he then slaps his dick on the hole, all in preparation of opening up Sam’s hungry hole with his thick and throbbing shaft. Starting slow, to keep this English lad from running off, the American stud slowly opens him up and gets deep inside him. But he can’t contain himself for long and soon the furniture is working its way across the room as Dominic pounds into Sam until both climax in a fury of sweat and spunk.

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