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Rich Kelly Masturbates Hole With Wrist Thick Dildo

Muscle pup Rich Kelly shows off his growing muscles and big hairy legs as he poses and flexes for us at AlphaMales this week. Looking awesome, with a very full package in his tighty whiteys, you can’t help but drink in the sight of his super furry chest and pits. As he strokes his body, working his way down to his ever increasing bulge, you then notice the hairy legs. Then he pulls your attention back where it belongs…the fuzzy mound where his dick springs forth! Massaging the cut cock to full force, right in front of our eyes, Rich then moves his attention to his ass. Rich fingers, rubs and slaps his hole before reaching for a wrist-thick dildo. Surely he can’t take something that thick, can he? At least, that’s what we thought. And boy, were we wrong! Working it back and forth inside of him, his hairy butt clings to the dildo as Rich plunges faster. The groans escaping this horny man get louder and louder until he shoots his load, dildo still in place.

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Exotic, Bearded and Remarkably Thick Hung Enzo Di Karina

AlphaMales presents Enzo Di Karina this week and, trust us when we say, we’ve hit the jackpot! The exotic, bearded Frenchman hails from Corsica and he slowly strips off for us all, teasing. He seems a bit shy at first but he’s only just playing, as if taking great delight in our curiosity before finally pushing down his tracksuit. Out flops a humongous, uncut cock and it is fucking MASSIVE. Told you we hit the jackpot! Enzo’s gym-fit body, buff and smooth, is a perfect combination to his smooth, humongous slab of beef of a dick. And is it grows, getting even harder, Jack can’t help but lend a hand to the event. Oh, if only we could all do the same! Looking directly into the camera as he jerks off, Enzo plays with his big dick, supported by a hot thick cockring he built himself. His abs flex tighter than ever, pecs pumped as the scally moves and builds towards a strong climax. And when he cums, the floodgates open! He stands over us, giving us the best view of his load flying from him, all over us, jet after jet of the sticky white stuff. Hope Jack’s mouth was open at the time!

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Pedro Lucas Pinned And Fucked Balls Deep By Alfie Stone

This week, the men at AlphaMales continue to go Balls Deep. This time with Alfie Stone and Pedro Lucas, new hunks getting down and dirty with each other. Pedro, the Latino-looking bottom is deliciously perfect in red socks and a jockstrap that shows off just what Alfie is obviously after. The tattooed top sports an amazing thick dick, long and perfectly formed…especially when Pedro is throat-deep on it! Holding Pedro in place as he fucks him hard, the spit dribbles down Alfie’s throbbing shaft making it even easier to get balls deep inside Pedro. Pinned down, ass up, it’s a pure fuckfest as Alfie stuffs, thrusts, and pounds deep into that peachy ass, holding the legs apart and giving us a view we could only dream about before. The sight of these muscle men fucking like demons and shooting like shotguns will leave you exhausted and fully sated…at least for now!

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Straight Fucker With Big Dick Pounds Tight Gay Hole

You know the old joke, don’t you? What’s the difference between a straight man and some gay men? Three beers. But you don’t always need 3 beers to turn a straight guy gay for the evening, as we prove this week with Jack Pierson and Riley Coxx. Sometimes it just takes patience and great timing, as Riley is about to find out. Having been chucked out by his girlfriend, blond muscle stud Jack dosses at mate Riley’s place and has a cheeky wank in the living room but, as he’s getting there, Riley jumps in and makes his move. These hot Brit men — muscled and smooth chested, both with great cocks — are a perfect pairing. And when a man is horny, a mouth is a mouth. Jack soon gets into the swing of things as they make out and we get long shots of their fit bodies and bulging pants. Riley creates a huge tent in his pyjama bottoms and Jack can’t wait to see what’s in store for his first dick experience. Tentatively licking, then putting more dick in his mouth, Jack is quick to the get the hang of it and turns out to be a natural! When it comes to fucking…well, looks like Jack has had a lot of practice as he pulls off some very sexy positions, giving the resident gay guy a fuck he’ll never forget!

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