Relax and Let Brent Work his Magic

Coming home to a stressed beau, Brent’s fully relaxed from his late night session with Michel Rudin, and decides to pass on the karma to blond lean and trim Jonny Kingdom. Suffering from neck ache, Brent knows the best remedy is definitely a hot fuck! Rubbing him up in the kitchen, the blond duo swiftly move to the bedroom where Jonny’s lean shaved body matches perfectly with Brent’s gorgeously hairy chest, covered in the very soft looking fur, this is the type of man we all wish we had to plough in the bed whilst slick with oil! The sight of Jonny’s long shaft pumping into Brent’s already fucked hole and at such a fast pass will have you matching the speed almost subconsciously as you join them in the spunk soaked finale, leaving furry abs and chests perfectly coated with an extra topping of juice!

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