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Suited – Behind the Scenes

Meet up with featured stars Kayden Gray and sexy new young stud on the porn scene Dmitry Osten in an exclusive interview about his first movie “Suited.” Filming with super hung super star Kayden Gray, there’s nothing quite like jumping in the deep end, but the horny Russian man loves every second, and the smile on Kayden’s face shows he’s very happy about it too! With insider secrets being spilled as much as the cumshots, it’s a first look at a face we’ll all get to know, as well as his impressively sized dick and delicious hairy young ass. Catch all the stars of the movie in action and look forward to the sharpest movie from Alphamales this year!

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Office Rivalry

Arriving for an interview, two suited men exchange a few words before realising they recently hooked-up after a night in the local clubs. With time to spare, they rekindle past passions, making out right there in the waiting area. It’s no time at all that they are both naked, and Matt’s gorgeous thick dick is disappearing down Nathan’s throat and up his more than hungry ass, perfectly wet after a deep tonguing from Matt. Bent over a chair, Nathan takes all of Matt from tip to hilt, making sure he won’t forget him a second time!! Ass in the air, Matt pushes his cock straight down into Nathan’s puckering ass, the sweat dripping form the muscular top fucker, ending up and a huge torrent of spunk from both men!

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Head Office Hunting

Called to the big man’s office, handsome Nathan Hope checks in with the secretary and sits down, worried about why he’s been called up. Asking the cute man at the desk, he’s not letting on, but with 15 minutes to kill, he knows how to take his mind off it! Walking over to the dark haired French man, Gaston Croupier offers up his cock and unzips his trousers for Nathan to chow down on. More than willing, Nathan’s sexy face is quickly full of thick Italian cock. Slowly undressing Nathan, Gaston pushes Nathan back on to the couch and gets his own lips around Nathan’s beautifully formed dick, slurping it down to the balls! Working his way towards Gaston’s hairless hole, Nathan begins fucking it nice and slow, making his boy moan out loud, taking it all the way out and back in, fucking hard as Gaston bounces on top, to the side, every which way. Proving the French really know how to fuck, Gaston can hardly contain himself and covers himself with his own load, swiftly added to by Nathan’s own delicious wads.

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Suited Solo Stud

Handsome young Danny Montero is finishing up a day at his desk just as the last person leave the office. Left alone to lock-up, it’s the perfect time to test-drive his new fleshjack, and his cut cock slides inside, we all know it’s going to end in torrents of spunk flowing from his tasty balls. Pulling the sheath out and fucking it all the way, we’re treated to a real eyeful as the semen spurts forwards, covering his desk in more spunk than you can imagine – it’ll have us all reaching out and fucking the jacks the same way, it feels too good!

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