Marco Sessions and Daniel Dias

Trojan calls Handyman Marco Sessions but he gets no answer. Marco was in the shower and on his return to the bedroom, Daniel Dias (a very hunky piece of beef Marco picked up the night before and still hasn't let go) informs him of the missed call. Marco doesn't think it's time to talk about work but time to get his ass filled again by the chunky cock attached to the mountain of muscles laying on his bed. Marco crawls back on the bed. Going straight for Daniel's cock and at the same time offering his ass hole for everybody to enjoy, pity it's just the two of them. After servicing Daniel, Marco moves up and makes Daniel return the favor. He face-fucks him for a while and then slides back down on Daniel, reaching for his cock whilst positioning his butt right above Daniel's mouth. Daniel obliges and after a good ass eating session, it's time for Marco to get his hole filled again. He gets fucked on his back then doggie style until his muscles draw the cum out of Daniel's balls and right in Marco's face. Which ignites a massive self cumshot in Marco. This is a really good long cum shot and he eats the cum.

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