Hugh Hunter and Saul Leinad

Muscle hunk Hugh Hunter has the hots for tall and bearded Saul Leinad and in a nearby hotel room, the thick-hung daddy finally meets up with Saul for a clandestine afternoon encounter. He’s not surprised when he whips out Saul’s enormous, black and uncut monster cock. Hugh immediately sets to working the beercan dick, taking as much down his throat as he possibly can before Saul returns the oral favor. But since this is about cock in hole, and neither Hugh or Saul could afford to take more than an hour for lunch, they soon got down to business. Saul somehow manages to work that ginormous black slab balls deep inside Hugh, bareback fucking the tattooed stud, his monster balls pressing up tight against Hugh’s ass. The bearded white daddy clearly experiences one of the most moving fucks as he’s stretched and filled, all the while begging to be taken, before coming and helping Saul shoot his own load.

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