Zack Acland and Rogue Status

When you put together bareback sex pigs you know exactly what you’re going to get. Intense, balls-deep fucking. And in case you had any doubt, Zack Acland and Rogue Status tell you up front exactly what’s going down. Bearded and hung hairy fucker, Rogue plans to load Zack’s hole and Zack intends to ride Rogue’s cock. And that’s exactly what they do! But not before making out and taking turns sucking cock in the kitchen. Stripped down to nothing except for socks and cockrings, tattooed Rogue goes all out on Zack. He stuffs Zack full of raw cock and bareback fucks the eager, hungry whore until he blows a huge load, seeding and cum fucking the hairy, freshly fucked hole.

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