Christian Matthews and Geoff Gregorio

When it comes to sex, a quick raw fuck while on break is fun. Hell, who doesn't like fast and furious? Especially if you're pressed for time. Sometimes, though, it's good to take your sweet time. Christian Matthews and Geoff Gregorio, still dressed in their work clothes, take it outside, nice and slow. After making out the two take turns sucking each other but Christian makes good use of Geoff's face and mouth, using his own tie against him. Those of you who enjoy a good oral session will love the throat fucking, too! Even the rimming is an exercise in self-control. But when it comes to shoving a big fat raw cock in a tight hole, sometimes it's best to just ram it in. Or in this case, sit your ass right down on that puppy and take that bareback fucking! Christian does take his time here and there but mostly fucks fast and hard, helping Geoff stroke out a load with his cock still buried balls deep inside the bearded bottom. Geoff then greedily swallows Christian's load and shares the taste in a sloppy kiss.

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