Tyler Phoenix and Max Cameron

There's nothing like being outdoors and under the sun, on a patio near a swimming pool. Something about the combination just gets you horny and with little provocation, you're soon hard. Which is exactly the situation Tyler Phoenix and Max Cameron find themselves in. The two make out for a bit, still dressed, but they don't remain dressed for long. Tyler's big cock is soon out and Max makes a big pig of himself, sucking on the juicy slab. He gets it nice and wet, even as Tyler fucks his face. Tyler soon returns the favor, swallowing Max before the tattooed hunk drops once more to slobber over Tyler's cock. The two trade blowjobs, taking turns servicing dick and balls before Tyler closes in on Max's meaty ass. He buries his face in the beefy globes, rimming Max and getting his hole all wet with spit. Then he places the head of his cock against that tiny pink starburst and starts to push. Max can barely handle it but works through the pleasure pain etched on his face. Tyler bareback fucks Max, thrusting in and out at a steady clip. After a while Tyler flips on his back, legs spread wide, and Max rides him deep. The tattooed and pierced hunk fucks the cum out of Tyler then impales himself on that still-hard cock, fucking himself until he's ready to blow his own load, which Tyler dutifully eats before sharing with Max.

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