Danny Blue and Sam Green

Tall and slender Danny Blue has invited newbie co-worker Sam Green over for a dip in the pool. The trouble is that Danny is far too horny to let an opportunity slip past. He quickly gets blond and curly haired Sam to make out then drops to his knees to reveal a mouth watering surprise. Beefy Sam isn't just hung, he's got HUGE fucking balls filled with jizz! Ever the cock pig, Danny devours Sam's big fat cock while stroking himself. Eager Sam returns the favor, expertly downing Danny down his throat. The two soon take it indoors where they strip down and carry on, getting as loud and as nasty as they want to be. After sucking armpits, chewing nipples and once again taking turns sucking big fat cock, Danny presents his ass to Sam, who rims the sweet fuckhole and finger fucks it before attempting to slide his juicy slab home. He doesn't go in all the way, but that gives Danny the opportunity to slobber over Sam's tool a bit more, tasting his own ass juices on the throbbing shaft. This time, when Sam slides that fucker home, it goes all the way in and he bareback fucks Danny deep, breeding and seeding his hungry ass. Sam pulls out to show us Danny's gaping hole oozing with cum before flip fucking back and forth.

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