Sean Duran and Ray Diesel

Walking in the rain can be fun but the day we came across Sean Duran and Ray Diesel it was a torrential downpour, which can make things anything but fun. What could we do but invite them over to hang back at the house? They readily agreed and once they dried off they were getting wet again, this time as they got sweaty while filming! Sean shows off some mad oral skills, deep throating Ray in a way that was nothing short of mesmerizing. Ray, who marveled at how much cock Sean could handle, decided to work his monster cock inside the tattooed white muscle bottom. Ray slid home with ease, enjoying Sean's warm, wet hole as it sucked his cock down to the base. And FUCK, can Sean take a pounding! Sean's eyes rolled back into his head as his hole was stretched to capacity and Ray took him for a bareback ride.

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