Tyler Phoenix and Ray Diesel

The dry desert heat has Tyler Phoenix and Ray Diesel super horny. Outdoors, they begin to make out. Bearded Tyler, however, has heard of Ray's big black cock and can hardly wait to have it the thick, juicy slab of meat in his mouth. Ray is all too happy to oblige but he's not entirely without dick sucking skills so, after fucking Tyler's face, Ray drops to his knees and returns the favor, choking on Tyler's pink, curved fat tool. Still dressed, the interracial couple get a bit more intimate in a shaded area. There, they strip off their shirts and make out while feeling each other up, taking their time as they get to pants and belts. Tyler once again devours Ray's monster then gives up his ass for Ray to do with as he pleases. The hairy-chested bearded top buries his wide pink tongue in Tyler's hole and rims the hungry ass, priming Tyler for the stretching of his life. Ray slides inside, pumping in and out, bareback fucking Tyler, who wants it all, every last inch, in the worst way possible. Clearly he's never taken anything that big before or, if he has, it's been a while. Ray guides the eager, slutty white boy, putting him through his paces as he continues fucking, giving Tyler plenty of cock and penetrating deep.

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