Dani West and Tommy Deluca

Remember that cute guy next door? The one that was sexy, not because he was a major hunk, but because he was sweet, friendly, and willing to help anyone on the block. Well, he's back. He might be a bit older but he's still as sweet and friendly as he ever was. The only difference is that now, he's ready and willing to help YOU because he has something you want and you have something HE wants. Tommy Deluca is the guy next door and he's got a HUGE mother fucking monster cock for you to suck. So go ahead. Service him. That's what Dani West did. Of course, like Dani, you'll have to stretch your jaw extra wide but you'll have to stretch your legs and hole even wider, like Dani, when Tommy slides home, to the balls, burying that monster cock in your hungry ass and bareback fucking you to within an inch of your life!

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