Brutus Hitchcock and Parker Allen – Before getting down to the one matter of business they enjoy most…

We asked Brutus Hitchcock and Parker Allen for the strangest place they've ever had sex.

The striking hot duo. who gets together once a year while both are in Vegas on business, let us in on some unique situations.

Then they before getting down to the one matter of business they enjoy most…complete surrender, uninhibited bareback fucking and unconditional seeding!. Because they don't see each other often.

They like to make the most of their time together and take their time in a scene that's equally romantic, sensual and highly erotic.

Right from the start, the kissing and sucking are bound to get you horny and hard. But as Brutus and Parker go further, with Vegas bathed in a golden light from the setting sun. Brutus loses himself sucking Parker's cock then eating out and finger fucking that sweet, tight hairy hole.

Brutus eventually slides his big fat cock home and you can see the genuine pleasure on Parker's face. Clearly he enjoys getting pumped full of cock and stretched out by the top, hung bareback fucker. Brutus keeps it nice and steady, his finger on the pulse of what drives Parker insane, until neither can hold back any longer. Parker ends up seeding himself and all we can say is, OMG…can WE get some of that?

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