Adam Russo and Cutler X – Monster Cock

If you like Monster Cock (who doesn’t?) and black men (again, who doesn’t?).
You’re going to be drooling at the sight of bald Cutler X and his colossal cock.
Cutler X takes Adam Russo in this bareback scorcher. Adam, who is already an amazing fuck, makes an awesome bottom as he works Cutler’s mammoth uncut tool, servicing the floppy foreskin as if it were his last. Cutler, ready to nail Adam’s raw ass, bends him over to eat his hole.

Adam Russo and Cutler X

Cutler gets it sloppy and wet, ready for his thick, massive shaft. He slides deep into Adam and fucks him full of all that man meat. Adam moans and screams and pants with every forward thrust, as Cutler plows into him. Cutler is merciless but Adam begs for more, a perfect match for the raw power and pure aggression exploding from Cutler. Not to be missed!

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