Chad Brock and Adam Russo

Adam Russo licks and sniffs Chad Brock’s armpits as they make out in passionate foreplay, with Adam tonguing practically every part of Chad’s body.

Chad Brock and Adam Russo

Starting with his feet, Adam sucks his toes, his tongue weaving in between each one. Followed with ass eating, cock sucking, and rubbing and grinding, Chad bends over to expose his furry hole. Adam wastes little time in rimming Chad until he’s quivering and in desperate need of a bareback fuck. Adam slides home, into Chad’s welcoming snatch and starts to ride, fucking Chad every which way, turning him into a hungry bottom cock whore.

But then Chad lubes up his hard cock and slides into Adam for some raw flip fucking. He straddles his ass and pounds Adam deep before flipping over so Adam can ride him reverse cowgirl.

Adam’s exquisite body bounces up and down on Chad’s rock solid cock, his own cock bouncing in such a way that you’ll want to cum. But wait until Chad creams all over Adam’s hole, pushing his load into Adam before sliding down and felching him, only to kiss Adam, share the load, and swap jizz.

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