Max Cameron and Cam Christou

Raunchy. Nasty. And hot. That’s sex between inked stud Max Cameron and Cam Christou.
In this sweaty session of groping, stroking, and poking, Max is quick to bury his face between Cam’s butt cheeks, getting it ready for his raw cock.
Cam spreads his legs as Max slides into his hole and the action heats up as Max power fucks his ass, leaving Cam breathless and craving more.

He bareback fucks Cam in every position, pounding his ass deeper and harder.
Cam gets his just rewards when Max shoots sticky seed into his gaping crack then fucks his load into Cam, just as he explodes all over himself. Max slides down and felches his load out of Cam’s ass, slurping it up and feeding it back to him. It’s an amazing scene that’s too good to miss!

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