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Cutler X and Draven Torres

There’s something about watching a tiny, pink fuck hole ravaged by a huge mother fucking monster cock. Especially if that uncut monster belongs to Cutler X. The pink hole? It belongs to Draven Torres. Draven knew Cutler was hung like a moose but when he saw the mammoth slab in person, his knees buckled and he practically collapsed. But it didn't stop him! Eager to have his hole stuffed, stretched and wrecked, Draven opened his mouth wide and serviced Cutler like a demon possessed.

Fucking Monster Cock

Draven knows that the more spit, the better, so he works Cutler's loose and floppy foreskin with expertise. Cutler then bends Draven over and adds to the lubrication by rimming Draven and priming his hole full of spit. Cutler slides into Draven, filling him with the entire length of his throbbing, meaty shaft and it's a mouth watering delight to see! You'll be juicing, dripping pre-cum as Draven cries out, yearning for more. Harder. Deeper. Yet one more bottom put to the test by Cutler and his massive monster cock!

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Ray Dalton and Marcos Mateo

Ray Dalton and Marcos Mateo, together at Inn Leather in Fort Lauderdale! As soon as these two got on set we knew we were in for a treat. It didn't take long before they were all over each other as cameras started rolling. Marcos sucked tattooed Ray's huge daddy cock, getting it pumped and ready. Ray, who loves eating ass, had his best meal of the day with his face stuffed between Marcos's beautiful cheeks. And the deep, raw fucking just topped everything off. For sure a scene you won't want to miss!

Ray Dalton and Marcos Mateo

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Max Cameron and Nick Tiano

We open with Max Cameron on his knees sucking Nick Tiano’s thick and meaty cock. With his own boner bouncing and twitching, Max gets Nick on the bed, in a 69 position. They gorge themselves on cock and it’s not long before they begin rimming each other. Nick’s pink hole twitches, eager to be filled. Max slides into Nick, his cock disappearing as he pounds deep and grinds even deeper. Then they flip. Nick flips Max on on all fours, pushing his raw cock into Max with ease. Max and Nick work up a sweat as they continue to bareback flip fuck.

69 Position

Nick unleashes all over Max and Max unloads all over Nick’s raw hole, sliding his cock back inside and seeding Nick with his DNA before collapsing into bed, covered in each other’s sloppy juices.

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Ray Diesel and Sean Duran

We caught these two walking in the rain and invited them to hang with us back at our house. Granted it was a planned meeting, but in fact it was raining and we did pick them up. What wasn’t planned was how hot the two of them would be together! Watching Sean Duran deep throat Ray Diesel was a beautiful sight. As was seeing Sean take Ray’s monster cock with ease as his warm and wet hole sucked it right up, which made for a good ride from Ray.

Ray Diesel and Sean Duran

Damn, Sean’s hole can take a pounding! A challenge Ray didn’t back down from. You can tell how good it felt as Sean’s eyes rolled in the back of his head. But watching both of these sexy men cum was the icing on the cake! I’m sure you will enjoy it too!

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