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Max Cameron and Jon Shield

It may have been raining and thundering outside but the real fireworks and hurricane were happening indoors when Max Cameron and Jon Shield house sit over the weekend, at a friend’s summer home. Within minutes of arriving they are stripped naked and romping around the living room…on the white leather sofa, bent over in front of the fireplace, or face down buried in the lavender shag rug. Max and Jon sizzle in this sexy and sweaty bareback escapade. Max fucks Jon raw and loads him up with seed as Jon busts his nuts all over himself. It’s a great way to finish off the scene as Max felches Jon’s sloppy hole clean and swaps it back with him. Ummm. Tasty!

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Rocco Steele and Eli Lewis

Gay Asian Sensation and rising Bareback Crossover Star Eli Lewis, gets impaled by Rocco Steele’s mammoth cock in his World Premier and his first ever Bareback scene. Eli had longed for Rocco’s massive cock ever since he first saw it on our site, and nothing was going to stop him from offering his Bareback Cherry to Rocco himself! This clip is an EXCLUSIVE as it’s Eli Lewis’s first ever Bareback scene ever. Rocco rides him deep, raw pounding his eager ass like a seasoned pro. Rocco makes the boy scream and shiver when he pins him up against the wall and pile drives his bare ass hard. Eli cries out in ecstasy begging for every raw inch of Rocco’s shaft. Face down, buried in the mattress, Eli submits and is rewarded with a blast Rocco’s hot seed. It’s all that Eli can withstand as he shoots and explodes all over himself. With Rocco’s nut firmly planted in his hole, they kiss and embrace, mixing their juices together and Eli smiles, thanking Rocco for taking his raw cherry.

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Tommy Deluca and Ray Dalton

Ray Dalton is a big hung daddy with a great body and awesome tattoos. He’s the type of daddy any younger man would want to get fucked by. And with that large fat dick, Ray knows how to fuck! But when he paired up with monster-hung Tommy Deluca, even Ray had to concede that the only one getting fucked out of the two was going to be him! Tommy, an easy-going laid back young dad walks the walk and talks the talk. This puppy doesn’t just have a big cock. He knows how to fuck! After making out like whores and sucking each other, Ray gives up his ass for a deep tongue job. Using only spit for lube, Tommy slides that amazingly H-U-G-E fucker up the tattooed hunk’s raw hole and pounds away! We’re talking balls deep bareback fucking, dirty nasty trash talk and some ass-to-mouth, with Ray tasting his own ass juices on Tommy’s thick uncut throbbing shaft. But as hot as the action is between the daddy-son duo, thing are about to get a lot hotter when Alex Mason walks in and joins them for even more bareback fun!

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Brock Rustin and Jeff Kendall

Ginger powerhouse Brock Rustin is back and this time he’s got handsome Jeff Kendall and his beautiful cock in his crosshairs. Within seconds of the scene opening up Brock’s face is buried in Jeff’s crotch sucking, swallowing, and deep throating his stiff shaft. He is treated to expert service by Brock’s lips and tongue leaving him squirming and wriggling for more. The tables quickly get turned when Jeff plants his face into Brock’s rusty colored manhole as he teases and taunts his ass crack into submission. Brock proves to us once again why he deserves the title of Power Bottom extraordinaire as he is fucked and used every which way. Jeff pounds his ass again and again — first doggie, then side saddle — never missing a thrust. Brock then mounts Jeff’s cock and rides him cowboy, like he’s never ridden before. There is no holding Brock back when his willing butt is getting nailed bareback! The sex is scorching and the action sizzles as both glisten in their own sweat and juices. Jeff and Brock shoot massive, thick creamy loads much to the delight of Brock’s eager ass and hungry lips. And in a final gesture of thanks, Jeff felches Brock’s seeded hole and feeds it back to him as they both collapse, exhausted but very satisfied.

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