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Risky Receptionist

Massage receptionist JP Richards probably isn’t the best employee in the world, casting an eye over the waiting hulk of muscle Scott Hunter, his real masseur is running late but JP keeps him waiting for some tasty eye candy before building up the courage to offer his own trainee experience on him! Taking him up on the offer, English Scott jumps on the table and before he knows it is stripped naked having his ass pulled up in the air as JP’s tongue laps at his cock, balls and hole in one smooth motion! After some awesome cock sucking and ass eating, the hunger JP has turns into a need to fuck, and who better to fuck than Scott, the massive mountain of British Beef who loves being filled with dark American meat. Nearly breaking the table in their hulky fuck fest, JP slams Scott over and over, his big butt taking it all over and over, leaving them oily, sweaty and very very spunky!

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Now That He’s Gone

Dirk Caber and JP Richards have been hired to do a job in the yard. But it’s a glorious day, which makes them think of a different type of job. One that involves hot lips wrapped around a thick, throbbing cock and milking the shaft. Still the men need the money so they keep their focused. That is, until the homeowner who hired them has to go on a supply run. And now that he’s gone, Dirk and JP immediately take a break that soon develops in mutual groping, then moves onto nipple squeezing and, finally, degenerates into some mouth watering cock sucking. JP services Dirk’s big, hard tool while his co-worker fingers his hole. After a while they flip, and Dirk kneels to slobber over JP’s beautiful dark chocolate cock.

When both horny men are ready for more, they head to their boss’s living room where Dirk bends over the edge of the sofa and offers up his ass. JP licks the hole, moves down to the cock, then back to the hole. Once Dirk is ready, JP takes him from behind. This interracial couple believes in giving as well as receiving, which is hot because you don’t see many black men getting fucked. So, after Dirk has been pounded, he flips JP on his back and fucks his hungry black ass deep until JP shoots all over his belly. Dirk adds a second load before jumping off the couch and getting back to work.

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Horny Hunks Behind The Scenes At AlphaMales

Loads of gay men around the world have sexual fantasies involving workmen. But what is it exactly about the blue-collar worker that fuels our desire and gets us going? What makes them so hot, why do the make us so horny, and why do we get so hard at the thought of a man with a massively huge cock taking possession of our throats? We won’t necessarily get any answers from watching these hot men going at it — Dean Monroe, Lucio Saints, Scott Hunter and Dirk Caber, just to name a few — but you WILL get to see someone getting fucked stupid when they show up and find a semi-naked tenant in need of repairs as well as someplace to hide his big dick. You’ll also get to see a handsome American Daddy plowing the hell out of a sexy British bottom. Then there’s a special delivery that needs to be made involving much more than just a package. And then there’s one of the ultimate fantasies: two co-workers in an interracial, flip flopping, suck and fuck session while the homeowner goes on a supply run.

When all is said and done, these might not be the workmen you might have hired, work for, or work with, but they just might be the fantasies you have of workmen! So grab hold of your favorite lube, wrap your fist around your cock, then sit back while we tease you with this EXCLUSIVE, Behind-The-Scenes look at AlphaMales. Featuring 8 hung and stunning, jaw-dropping, cock rousing, pre-cum stirring hunks that will leave you breathless and ready to drop your load.

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Practical Skills At Play In An Interview

Yohann Banks has taken over interviewing Ken Ten, a new applicant. His directive from Trojan Rock is to find out how good the candidate is in a practical situation. Yohann takes the lead and gives Ken a simple exercise to perform. Except it’s really just an excuse to get his hands on the street lad! Before long, he’s unzipping Ken and pulling his trousers down. Upon revealing the meaty mixed-race cock Yohann drops to his knees and begins to worship: as it should be with a piece like Ken’s. The two then migrate to the sofa where Yohann can keep sucking cock while giving up his ass for Ken to fondle. Ken starts poking around the wet and willing hole before diving for a good tongue fuck. He goes at it, alternating fingers with tongue, until it’s time to push his big fat dick inside Yohann’s tight and hungry hole. They fuck while standing then move back to the sofa where Yohann sits on Ken, fucking himself until he blows his load all the way down his leg. Ken finishes himself off and shoots his load on Yohann’s chest. Yeah. We think Ken’s definitely got the job!

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