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Jessie Colter

Jessie Colter is a young man out and about in Miami, where the sun shines hot almost year round. One of the side effects is that it creates a sensuality that burrows beneath the skin. As a result of that, desire heightens and all you can think about is sex. Of course, it doesn’t help matters any that Jessie’s always got men on his mind. Our cameraman, along with his assistant, go cruising and find Jessie, and that’s how he’s lured to jerk off in front of the camera, outside and by the pool in a private little corner where he can be himself. Drop trou, grab hold of your dick and start jerking off with Jessie because he’s about to deliver a large load for you!

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Samuel Colt and Bruno Fox

Inside knowledge is a great thing, and we get treated to exactly what the hot customer was jerking himself off to! Total Alpha males Bruno Fox and Samuel Colt fill our screens with muscle bursting from beneath their skin, Samuel's hot 'stash greeting Bruno's famous thick dick and swallowing every inch. This man mountain of muscle loves dick as much as anyone, and with Bruno's inside him, he’s visibly getting exactly what he wants. His smooth ass up in the air and being pulled open by Bruno's rough fingers, it's just the beginning as Samuel submits to Bruno's thick meat pounding into him over and over as he’s pushed and fucked into the bed! Both hairy men get soaked in each other's sweat, it dripping off them, and joined by the jets of spunk that squirt from each of them!

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Guarding The Family Jewels

Big and beefy muscleman Randy Jones is back, this time as a police guard hired to protect extremely valuable museum artifacts. Working with Randy is trim and sexy Issac Jones. But the fellow policeman can’t keep his mind on the job, wanting to protect a valuable item of a different sort: family jewels. Specifically, Randy’s family jewels. And Randy, it seems, wants Issac to do the same. Forgetting about their mutual job, the men get into a bit of roleplay, with Issac as the submissive, licking Randy’s boots and following his every command to the best of his ability…and then some! First, Issac gets down on his knees, taking the large, curved, uncut tool down his throat. Then, with Randy on his back, legs up in the air, Issac buries his face on the man’s hot and meaty ass, his tongue thrusting deep into the tightly puckered, rarely used manhole. And for those of you who enjoy analingus, we’ve got some tight close-ups, so feel free to drool. Issac’s own ass demands some attention and Randy is keen to return the favor, priming and spitting and fingering the hungry hole before sliding home, balls deep. Isaac’s tanned and toned body tightens as Randy pushes down and take him for a ride before flipping him about, letting us see his hot chest and abs and that beautiful dick explode with cum!

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Bruno Fox And Yohan Banks Fix A Broken Sofa Bed

When the sun is out in London there is no way anybody wants to do any work, unless they really have to. Or if your boss screams at you. So Bruno and Yohan are banished from the sunny terrace and sent inside to mend Trojan’s sofa bed. What’s the best way to find out what’s wrong with something? Try it! The boys soon roll onto it and get busy…tops come off and cocks go up. First to get up is Bruno and stands up to feed his cock to Yohan, then the boys get completely naked and Bruno face fucks him a bit more before working his way down Yohan tasting all the way to his cock. He sucks it like his life depended on it. Bruno then pulls Yohan up and pushes him down so he can get to his meaty ass. He licks it and fingers it before pushing his thick cock inside in one smooth movement. Yohan first gets fucked hard on all fours then he is pushed up and fucked again bent over the side until Bruno shoots a thick load on his ass. The boys fall back on the bed and Bruno wanks him till he covers his cock and balls in his creamy white stuff.

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Bodybuilder Jack Union Flexes His Muscles Then Jerks Off Just For You!

When Trojan Rock discovered Jack Union in a night club, he coaxed the bodybuilder into coming into the studio for a photo shoot. And boy are we ever glad he did! Trojan’s taste for big muscle has never steered us wrong and Jack is truly an exceptional man. He’s the epitome of what most would consider to be a big bruiser: big, tall, beefy, built like a brick fuckhouse and with the scruffy, gruff good looks of a blue-collar worker. But don’t take out word for it. Now that we’ve got ourselves worked up into a frenzy, check out this massive sexy fucker for yourself. Jack oils himself up and flexes in his skimpy little posing shorts then steps out of them and kicks back to play with his tasty, uncut piece of meat. Yummm.

British bodybuilder Jack Union poses then jerks off in a solo scene

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