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Bruno Knight Pounds Bent Copper Ben Brown

Ben Brown is on a case and in search of some filthy fucking. His investigation takes him to hairy hunk Bruno Knight, a tattooed fucker who gives it to the bent copper hard and fast. Shoving each other against the walls and onto the floor, you’d swear this is a couple of rough animals and not men; which is JUST the way we like our studs! The aggressive duo spit, lick and suck every inch of their hairy bodies, AND orifice. They rub each other hard as they get drenched in spit, working hot and begging butts. Bruno gets his tongue into Ben as deep as possible, ready to fuck the copper. At first he gives it to him easy but the aggression is soon back, and with a vengeance. Ben is subjected to an incredibly hard pounding and a deep dicking. With a great view looking up, between their legs, we can almost reach out and feel Bruno’s slick dick sliding incessantly into Ben, his own rock hard dick standing at attention and begging for action as well. Invited to the floor, Bruno exacts his revenge on the copper, shooting wads of spunk over him and soaking Ben in an amazing fountain of man spunk before taking his load on the face and down his hungry throat.

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Working The Workman

Chris Daniels is at home, naked and enjoying his breakfast, when the buzzer goes off. It’s Justin King, there to survey the terrace and give Chris an estimate on some work he needs done. When the door opens, Justin swallows hard at the sight of the blond bearded hunk. Chris immediately takes note of Justin’s gaze and knows he needs to work the workman if he wants to get a good price. While Justin takes his measurements, he drinks in the sight of the sexy American stroking his big dick still hiding beneath his baggy shorts. But once Justin walks back inside, he falls prey to Chris’s trap.

After kissing and undressing, Justin services the large, uncut cock. Chris returns the favor then pushes Justin onto the cowhide coffee table. There, with his ass up in the air, Justin gets his hairy ass worked over and his hole stuffed full of tongue, fingers, then cock. With a deep, relentless pounding Chris takes the hungry British bottom from behind, then fucks him standing up, every inch of that beautiful cock thrusting in and out of Justin’s hole. When they’re ready to pop, they lay on the sofa, jerking off until they spew and lap up each other’s cum. And that’s how Chris got Justin to give him a steep discount on the job he needed done. All well and good for him but it’s a toss up as to who got the better deal!

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Horny Hunks Behind The Scenes At AlphaMales

Loads of gay men around the world have sexual fantasies involving workmen. But what is it exactly about the blue-collar worker that fuels our desire and gets us going? What makes them so hot, why do the make us so horny, and why do we get so hard at the thought of a man with a massively huge cock taking possession of our throats? We won’t necessarily get any answers from watching these hot men going at it — Dean Monroe, Lucio Saints, Scott Hunter and Dirk Caber, just to name a few — but you WILL get to see someone getting fucked stupid when they show up and find a semi-naked tenant in need of repairs as well as someplace to hide his big dick. You’ll also get to see a handsome American Daddy plowing the hell out of a sexy British bottom. Then there’s a special delivery that needs to be made involving much more than just a package. And then there’s one of the ultimate fantasies: two co-workers in an interracial, flip flopping, suck and fuck session while the homeowner goes on a supply run.

When all is said and done, these might not be the workmen you might have hired, work for, or work with, but they just might be the fantasies you have of workmen! So grab hold of your favorite lube, wrap your fist around your cock, then sit back while we tease you with this EXCLUSIVE, Behind-The-Scenes look at AlphaMales. Featuring 8 hung and stunning, jaw-dropping, cock rousing, pre-cum stirring hunks that will leave you breathless and ready to drop your load.

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The Rim Job

Yohann Banks knows how to work it. Just like he knows how to work his boss. Example, everyone thinks Trojan is someone to be feared because he’s big, hairy, and burly. But when it comes to his staff, no one cares about them more. So perhaps that’s why Yohann’s called in sick? Or could it be because he had Ben Statham in bed with him, working his ass and giving him a good rim job? For those of us who know Yohann, who know how much he enjoys men who make a meal of his ass, well…let’s just say if YOU were getting the type of treatment Yohann was getting, you’d call in sick as well!

There’s a lot of dick sucking in this scene, each hot stud opening his mouth to service bit meat, but it’s all about the ass. Tongue in hole. The rim job. And it is intense! But when all is said and done, get ready for some deep, hard fucking, too! Ben fucks Yohann on his back, then takes him up against the wall as if he were ready to frisk him down. Well, if this is what it’s going to be like, then hell, we’re facing the wall, spreading our own legs and sticking out butts out! With such a hard, rough fuck, Yohann can barely contain himself. He shoots a load with Ben still up his ass, then Ben sprays what can only be called a torrential downpour of cums all over Yohann’s freshly fucked ass.

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