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Top Leather Dad Tim Kelly Manhandles Butch Grand

One of Butch Grand’s favorite places is Vauxhall leather club. It’s a place where you can have fun, a place where you can find just about anything; especially if that something you need is a big, beefy, top dad. Tonight, Butch has found just that, in the form of Tim Kelly. The muscle bound hunk is decked out in leather, airing out his big fat cock for the world to see. Butch catches his eye and he instantly knows he can have this one, just as Butch knows he will do anything the man commands. And who wouldn’t? Tim is everything you’d imagine a real hot copper to be while Butch is the obedient cocksucker, servicing Tim’s silent commands, which get across with just one look. But after the dick worship, after praying to the hung top, Butch gets his ass played with, primed by the hairy daddy. Holding his own butt open for Tim, Butch is soon penetrated, stuffed, and pounded hard and fast. The top leather dad manhandles Butch, every inch thrust inside driving home the point that — for the moment — Butch belongs to no one but him.

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Tiko And Pete Finland Fuck Live On Stage

Once upon a time, like so many, Pete Finland was a skinny little twink. There would have been thousands, if not millions, lusting after him. But you know what? There are twice as many drooling over him now that he’s exactly what we like for him to be. A man. A big, hairy, and muscled hunk. Yeah. That’s the way we like ’em. WOOF! This hung, leather-wearing muscle hunk is now paired up with Tiko, an absolutely fucking beautiful and ripped young man of mixed race, and both are ready to put on a live sex show!

As they get all decked out in a cramped men’s toilet — Pete in a harness, jockstrap and boots, Tiko in boots, leather jockstrap and vest — they turn each other on and keep right on doing so as they start making out and sucking cock. In fact, they get so horned up and sweaty even the camera gets steamy. Talk about close quarters! The masculine, sexy fuckers save their sexual energy for the crowd and, once they’re on stage, Pete can barely contain his cock, putting it on show for all to see. Tiko soon hides the thick, juicy piece as he goes down on the tasty Daddy. Performing with a good fuck, Tiko and Pete soon leave the stage, sadly. But their sweat remains, the image of them having sex lingers on the brain and the crowd went wild!

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